La Familia Kick-Ass-Ska: somewhere between skacore and skapunk

From Aachen La Familia is fast and energetic skacore with a rough but really interesting voice! They are ready to release their powerful new album "Ska Sucks!" and amaze the European public with a bunch of gigs

Hi Guys. Can you please introduce La Familia Kick-Ass-Ska project to our readers?

Hey there! First of all thanks for the opportunity to answer your questions! So, we´re a band since the beginning of 2008 and are playing shows for two years in the following constellation: Chris (Trumpet), Brinx (Saxophone), Hendrik (Guitar) Bonny (Drums) and Achim (Vocals and Bass). Our good friend Jason called our music once “somewhere on the thin line between skacore and skapunk” and we think that this statement is absolutely fine, haha!

I think you are really excited for the new album release! Tell us something about your new album “Ska Sucks!”.

It might be a bit confusing that we will be releasing a record as a skacore band which is called “Ska Sucks!” – but yeah, none of us is really the two tone ska kinda guy and we´re all more into fast punkrock music with some occasional hardcore breakdown. But all in all this record has to be seen from a somewhat selfironic perspective. The record will be released on the 22nd of april and contains eight powerful & varied songs with topics like touring as a band, politics and one of our best friends called Beer.

How do you compose and where did you get inspiration for your music?

Most of the time someone of us will come into the rehearsal space and we just take it from there. Sometimes one of us only has a riff in mind and we´re developing the rest around it and the other day someone will have prepared a whole song based on guitar riffs and we just work out the details.

Which artists have influenced your style & sound, if any?

Our influences are varied because we listen to a lot of different bands all across the board.
For example Chris listens among to other things to a lot of Croatian folk music like Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar but Bonny sticks to fast punkrock music.

Tell us something about your next tour and your next shows!

We will be touring with our good friends in A Guy Named Lou from Graz from the beginning of August for 16 days. The tour will take us to contries like Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Belgium.  For now we have a small release tour planned for april 21st till 23rd. Joining us on the road will be our close buddies in James First.

All other shows will be posted on our facebook page, so feel free to give it visit!

What’s the coolest live act in Aachen?

Us, haha!

What’s the best live music show you’ve seen recently?

Achim and Hendrik really enjoyed the British band “Fights and Fires”, Bonny and Brinx felt in love (again) with Not On Tour from Tel Aviv in January and Chris is fascinated by Darko from Guildford.

Tell us something about your best and your worst memory on the road.

Well, where to start….

Our best AND worst experience probably was finding a poisonous snake in a bathroom in Austria when we we´re touring with the hungarian band “Ego Legio”. We played a show in Salzburg that day and were supposed to spend the night in the promoters apartment. Then suddenly our drummer was woken by the now famous words “Bonny, Snake, Bathroom!” – so we truly had to catch it with a bucket and a stick. We are also processing this fateful night in one of our songs on the new album which is called “Snake Attack”.

What do you think of

For bands like us it´s a very good opportunity to reach out to more people in areas we haven´t been to yet. So if any promoter in Italy, Croatia or even Zimbabwe read this interview – feel free to drop a message, we will be coming over for sure!

So thanks again for having this interview, we really appreciate it! 🙂