LA SALLE GUEULE: an upsetting great place in Marseille

Meet crazy people in Marseille and go the punk way to LA SALLE GUEULE! Don't worry, they could be kind as well...

Hi Sam! How are you? We hope everything is fine in Marseille! Describe your venue in 3 sentences!
Hi! La Salle Gueule exists since september of 2012. We made it to have ours independent and D.I.Y music shows that we promoted in different places before. We are an associative place, all the people who are running it are volunteer and motivated!

What kind of music is usually played at La Salle Gueule?
Most part of time, it is around punk music, but it could be from blues to metal music through noise garage rock’n’roll and weird stuff too.

When did you decide to open a venue in Marseille? Which is the concept behind your venue?
We had a nice chance, a friend of us, who had this place before (the name were O’Bundies at that time), asked us if we could make the venue keeps on. We were a band of friends who booked their own shows, each one of us had their own network, so we decided to assemble those and make in our style. We are in two roles: as promoters and as a venue where other people can book their shows. All the entrances are not above 5 euros, if you don’t have enough, just put a free price, we don’t refuse anyone who wants to see the show. It’s significant for us, to make it popular.

Tell us something about your city. It looks like a good melting pot of all the mediterranean cultures. How does this aspect shape your city’s independent music scene?
Marseille is like every mediterranean city: a nice mess! There’s a cool melting pot but also it’s not a real mix of cultures, all of those are living beside the others. In the independent music for example the rock, or punk rock history is not important compare to rap music history here. Since 5 or 6 years there are more and more cool bands and people who are promoting shows in the kind of music we play, so we’re encouraging it! In an other side we are really connected with lot of venues and promoters of the city.

And what about La Salle Gueule local audience? As far as I can remember, people are awesome in Marseille!
Haha! People in Marseille are more curious than other cities (we don’t have a massive hipster gangrene 🙂 and they’ve got the sense of partying! We actually have around 3000 members each year. I think it’s great for what we are doing because our kind of music is generally restricted, and we have a little bit more of 100 person of capacity and 6 shows per month + DJ’s evenings and other nights.

Is it easy to be an venue manager for a venue in your city?
It depends your kind of management, in La salle Gueule we make it collective and most part of time it rules because we don’t earn money to pay anyone and we share the obligations. Also, everyone of us have a job or studies beside of it, sometimes you sacrifice your personal time, but the aim is to make the local scene living. I know some other venues like us in Marseille and it’s always associative places and for most part of them they can count on motivated volunteers and sometimes on their few workforce.

So, I play in a band, I’m booking a tour and I’d like to play in your club. Give me your three most important recommendations.
Say “Hello”, present your band (with humor, we love it), tell us when you think to come and send us your best sound! Don’t ask for a thousand euros or an official contract please 🙂

If you weren’t running your La Salle Gueule, which other venue in Marseille would you like to run (if any)?
Oh, good question, there are two other great venues that I like a lot “La Machine à Coudre” where everyone of the punk kids in Marseille since 20 years have made their firsts gigs, and also “L’Embobineuse” for noisy-freaky people!

Do you work often with promoters and booking agencies or do you work directly with bands? Which one of these two approaches do you enjoy the most?
We work with every kind of people in the independent music area, with our friends which are in bands or are booking friend’s bands, or other which are professionals it depends. Booking agency ask for guarantees that sometimes we can’t provide. Often it is bands who ask us to book them.

What do you think about LiveTrigger? Do you think it could be a good tool to facilitate the process of booking and organizing shows? Do you have any suggestions?
Live trigger is a great initiative to concentrate different parts of the independent music area, and create a real dedicated music network! It could facilitate the way we are connected between all the music actors. I think there’s a big work to do for promoting LiveTrigger, but it’s on the right way!