Let’s make a movie with MONROE

MONROE is an American artist based in Atlanta Ga, who wants to make his mark in the music and entertainment...

MONROE is an American artist based in Atlanta Ga, who wants to make his mark in the music and entertainment industry as a star


Hi MONROE, welcome to the LiveTrigger Magazine!

Let’s start by introducing yourself: who’s MONROE and where is he based?

MONROE has continued in the pursuit of his goals of making his mark in the music and entertainment industry as a whole as he is currently dominating the airwaves with the release of his hit single titled “Wish I Never Fell In Love” and The breakout single “Let’s Make A Movie” song has already started to garner favorable reviews from local media, consequently setting the tone for several follow-up songs from the talented R&B and POP artist.

MONROE is based out of Atlanta Ga.


Tell us a little about what you’ve been up to in 2019?

I been marketing and promoting my hit single “Wish I Never Fell In Love” on Spotify and Apple music store, and doing shows and working on my New single “RIGHT THERE”
coming this year.

I Also been working on my New shoe deal I got this year, that I’m so excited about, that’s out of Italy.

They let me design my own shoe called “BREN MAROE” you can Google it.

It launched already.


Where did you get inspiration for your music?

I use to watch my mom practice with her group when I was a little boy, and I’m trying to finish her legacy.

She pass away when I was 5 years old.


Who are your favourite artists and how did they influence your style & sound?

I love Michael Jackson, the way he was in charge of his destiny and that he was a genius when it came to music, and that he owned the Beatles and Elvis catalog.

I also like Prince, he was a genius also, and that he fought for his master’s back and got them, i love to hear stories like this, it motivate me, because if they did it, I can do it too.


Monroe in a recording studio


How do you create music?

I start with the chorus and then create the verses.


How much time does it take to create a song?

It all depends on the music because the beat tells me what to write.

Then once I’m satisfied, it gets mixed, then it goes to Patchwork Studio to get mastered.


What about your next gigs. Are you planning a tour?

I’m working on a tour or trying to get on a tour, or do launch parties for my New single “Wish I Never Fell In Love” and my breakout single “Let’s Make A Movie” and for my New shoe line “BREN MAROE”.


What’s the best live music show you’ve seen recently?

Travis Scott.


What is your best and your worst memory on the road?

The best is the freedom living out my dream, the worst the promoter not having the rest of my money.


What do you think about Livetrigger?

I like this platform because it allows independent artist like myself to find and get booked for shows, and to contact promoters or the venue.