Littlefoot is raw, fuzzy power garage from Melbourne

Littlefoot are playing at The Tote Hotel in Collingwood in Melbourne on May 17, 2019 to launch their debut album.

Hello Ryan, and welcome to the LiveTrigger Magazine!

Let’s start by introducing your project: what’s LITTLEFOOT and what’s its mission?

LITTLEFOOT we were just 4 friends from the outer suburbs of Melbourne that wanted to play rock and roll.

Who are LITTLEFOOT members? (please, send me a picture with al the members if you’ve got one)

Ryan – vocals and guitar
Edde – lead guitar
Dylan – drums
Chris – bass

Littlefoot 4 piece band

You are going to release your new album soon! Tells us something about it.

Recorded with world class engineer Tim Johnson (Nick Cave and the bad seeds, Tex Perkins, The Spazzys etc) the album is 11 tracks of raw, fuzzy power and features a cover of legendary garage band Dead moon in which the band got permission to release!

Where did you get inspiration for your music?

I (Ryan) write alot about my own personal experiences/ relationships with people ive know… alot of its a bit grim or aggressive but its also kind of therapeutic

Let’s explore Little Foot’s graphics and design. Who are the masterminds behind your irresistible graphics, and how do you realize all your posters and merch?

Our singer/guitarist does most of the artwork/posters. money is always tight so we cant always afford to get someone to do it but the logo was designed by a guy named shiro usagi for us and the God killed my tv ep.

Who are your favourite artists and how did they influence your style & sound, if any?

Alot of 90’s alt/rock bands like Mudhoney, Alice in chains, the Pixies, Dead moon. Our sound is a blend of all the years growing up listening to those kind of bands, we dont sound like any in particular but certain songs definitely show our influences

What’s the best live music show you’ve seen recently?

Recently?? I would say a band we opened for called Barbarion. They are a gimick band with great songs too. They all dress like barbarions and had pyro tecs and confetti cannons, it was very entertaining for a local band to do that kind of thing.

Tell us about your next gigs.

Our next show is at The Tote Hotel in Collingwood, Melbourne for our debut album launch.

What is the your best and your worst memory on the road? Best was our first tour last year, playing in a towns you know nobody and just getting so much love at the shows.

Worst was when we booked a venue and bands and then the venue asked me to cancel the other bands and use their bands instead. Got to the show and turns out 3 of 5 bands playing canceled, we went on played a song and the manager came in told us to turn it down, next song turned it down again third song barley any guitar and vocals. I asked the sound tec whats going on and he said the manager says its too loud, I said dont book a fucking rock band then and from their it just got awkward

What do you think about Livetrigger?

We are new here but looking forward to using its potential.