Mad Sneaks, release their new song called “Dead Killers”

Hi Mad Sneaks, and welcome to livetrigger magazine! Let’s start by introducing your project: what does make it unique and...

Hi Mad Sneaks, and welcome to livetrigger magazine! Let’s start by introducing your project: what does make it unique and where is it based?

Mad Sneaks

Mad Sneaks


It’s great to talk to Live Trigger again! Thank you for having us!

We do not believe we are unique, there are certainly other artists in love with what they do around the world.

If there is something in us, it may be that nothing will stop us, one way or another our music will be where it has to be.

We’re Mad Sneaks and we make noise, man!!!

How was your 2021 so far?

Absolutely incredible!

We released great singles, had some unforgettable shows and now we’re releasing Dead Killer. This single is more than special for us.

It is definitely not every day that you can release a song with one of your heroes!

When we are where we are, we want to share our music with more and more people around the world.

What’s the most exciting thing that happened to you recently?

It is impossible not to say that it is our new single. The master, our riff hero, Page Hamilton, is our special guest on this song! It is amazing!

We grew up listening to his songs, and suddenly we’re making a song together!

This is completely insane, in a good way, of course!

Where do you get inspiration, and how do you create your music?

Well, I think most musicians/composers think the same way.

The difference is that some people can connect with something special/important in a more touching way than others.

Our inspiration becomes common because we always write about things we observe in our world, but we usually try to do so from another point of view and conception. You need to get out of your comfort zone to really understand what is going on inside you.

Who are your favorite artists in your local scene?

We had the pleasure of meeting some really cool artists when we moved to Sao Paulo / SP.

S.F.A.C, RADIO ATTACK and DVRILL are the best examples we can give.

S.F.A.C plays a top-quality Hardcore, RADIO ATTACK with its more than perfect 80s rock and DVRILL is certainly what impresses me most, it’s an acoustic Grunge in a state of pure perfection, they are awesome!!! All of them are!

How did they influence your style & sound?

We had the pleasure of meeting these people and suddenly we are talking about experiences already on the road.

It is impossible not to connect, we are all on the same path.

Our songs are quite distinct from our friends’ bands and maybe that’s the magic behind it all, in the end we are all the same.

We don’t all have to play the same rock style to be partners, we are all playing Rock n ‘Roll and doing our best to honor this powerful genre of music.

What’s the best live music show you’ve seen recently?

We played our new single a few times and it’s impossible not to say that at the moment it’s our favorite song.

There is nothing more special than the sparkle in the eyes that is causing us.

It is really the fuel that burns in our veins and never lets us stop.

What is your best and your worst memory on the road?

Great question! Both moments came from the same show.

We were in a Tocantins town, very far from our homes, to play in a really cool festival and everything was absolutely great.

Before the show, we were getting to know the city, having a few beers and just relaxing.

The show was really great, but Dissan ended up jumping off stage at the end and broke his leg! Obviously, the show didn’t end as we would like.

The night was far from over.

Ambulances, hospitals and more hospitals later, until we could catch a flight and return home.

Nowadays it was just a funny story, but at that moment certainly it was bizarre.

What do you think about livetrigger?

We certainly have a special affection for Live Trigger!

It is our second interview for the site and we have always been treated very politely and we are grateful for that.

The work you guys do is simply immeasurable for thousands and thousands of artists.

We can’t be anyone if there are no people with whom we can share our songs and your job is really amazing for that.

Thank you so much for respecting and sharing our stories, welcome to our family, welcome to the Mad Sneaks family!

How can our readers follow you on social media?

We are on all social networks and streaming. Follow us, it helps a lot!

Put MAD SNEAKS on your playlists and have fun.







Mad Sneaks Band

Mad Sneaks Band