Mindwake Metal/Hardcore band is releasing their new B-52 LP

Mindwake is a Metal / Hardcore band and is releasing their new B-52, a collection of 11 songs written over 7 years.

Hi Mindwake and welcome to LiveTrigger Magazine! We are really excited to support you in this new exciting release. Tell us everything about it.

So, B-52 is a LP and is also our first release, it’s a collection of 11 songs written in the span of 7 years, we had to learn tons of things to complete it, the line-up evolved a lot in between the beginning and the end of the project, some things were recorded twice, lyrics and vocal lines took forever to complete, it was a painful process all along the way.

The songs are mostly Metal/Hardcore with an emphasis on being heavy yet catchy, there is a light psychedelic vibe here and here, all in all, I think it’s a fun record, nothing too crazy but fun!

What is the process you use to create your music?

With the first line-up when we were younger we used to jam a lot more, this gave birth to song ideas that became One for All or Gaïa’s Throne for instance.

As we grew older most of us have day jobs now, we always have a ton of stuff to work on at rehearsals, no time to jam anymore, which is kinda sad, but that’s life, and we all have computers and recording software so we use that to write.

Mindwake 1

What are your favorite artists and/or composers?

Too many of them to be exhaustive, the most important ones are probably bands like early Slipknot, Chimaira, and KoRn but also more recent stuff like Veil of Maya, Molotov Solution, and Emmure.

Do they have anything in common?

I guess they all kinda use the same kind of tempos which allows switching between fast and groovy, they all chug, they all use some kind of power chords, and they all use multiple types of lead guitar sounds that are specific to what the song needs.

How did they influence your style & sound?

The idea of the band was to do something that incorporates fast stuff, groovy stuff, breakdowns, lead guitar sounds and samples that sound different than the usual shred stuff, aggressive sounding vocals with a visceral vibe to them, and some touch of clean vocals without falling in the emo/metalcore trope, I guess we just took ideas from each band and did our own blend with it.

What’s the most exciting thing that happened to you recently?

No Idea, nothing really exciting happens when you’re a small band in the middle of a pandemic and you’ve got nothing new to release, I guess the most exciting thing right now is getting things done for the next release and planning for the future.

Mindwake 2

So, what’s next? Any big plans?

Yep, we’re almost finished with our next EP, this time we’ll make the preparations to give it a proper release so I don’t expect it to be released very soon but I’m very satisfied with how it sounds and can’t wait to release it!

What do you think about LiveTrigger?

To be perfectly honest I didn’t know about it before we were sent this interview, I checked a little and so far I like what I’ve seen, I could see us use it to find some shows once this whole pandemic thing will be off!

How can our readers follow you on social media?

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