Moneumental Talent Agency is the Family Collective

Moneumental Talent Agency, aka MTA, is an art and music collective founded by Ramone D. Lee in Arkansas,USA   Let’s...

Moneumental Talent Agency, aka MTA, is an art and music collective founded by Ramone D. Lee in Arkansas,USA


Let’s start by introducing your project: describe Moneumental Talent Agency in 3 sentences!

Moneumental Talent Agency is a collective of music artist, painters, models, dancers, and any other talent.

MTA was founded by Ramone D. Lee of Arkansas in 2018.

MTA has expanded to have Artists in 4 different states ranging from Dallas Texas, Nebraska, Arkansas and last Mississippi


What you’ve been up to in 2019?

MTA has been really busy 2019 with promoting Bandz Cambando, Stephanie Boyd, Moo Moo Dragon, Markeith Woods, Saivi’on Nigel Lee, Tre Moment ( T Bone ) Rod Martin, Ton 1000 and many other artists and members of the MTA Family.



What have been some of the biggest challenges in developing Moneumental Talent Agency?

Finances are always a big obstacle and in this new day in time nothing in life is free. Great networking can help a bad financial situation


What was a crucial milestone in its evolution? And what about the biggest failure?

The greatest milestone this 2019 for MTA was securing a hit single with Boosie Badazz for Bandz Cambando and collaborating on G Remix which is out on all major music videos.

Music Video is set for late 2019 production.

The biggest failure of 2019 was having to release an artist from the Label. Chieph Loud Cloud is no longer with MTA.


Who are your artists?

Bandz Cambando


Moo Moo Dragon


Ton 1000


Stephanie Boyd


T-Bone aka Tre Moment


Reality aka Rod Martin


What criteria do you use to select artists for your roster?

I review the artist in a one on one and figure out if they are serious in investing in their craft or art.


Tell us something about the three best Arkansas musicians… one sentence each!

Bandz Cambando- Versatile, has the image and swag, vocals and body of work speak for themselves.

Moo Moo Dragon- One of the best lyrical genius of the music industry. Hot lyrics and makes everyone on any track he is on better


Do you have any new projects with specific artists or producers that you’d like to mention?

MTA is currently in tour/show phase of 2019 and you can catch each artist in performance by checking in on MTA daily and monthly itineraries.

Bandz Cambando performing June 14 Club 428 Little Rock AR

Stephanie Boyd June 16th opening for Jill Scott, Christette Michelle and more in Omaha NE hosted by 95.7The Boss

Moo Moo Dragon, T Bone, and Rod Martin all have exclusive feature projects coming up in the month of June, July and August.


What do you think about LiveTrigger?

I love LiveTrigger for many reasons but the platform allows Promoter, Manager, Venues, and artist to be on one accord.