MY GREAT BLUE CADILLAC: a cold wave of post punk from the South of France… until the road ends!

My Great Blue Cadillac is a band from the South of France a cold/post punk duet founded in 2012 by Louise & Eddy

Hi. Tell us your story in 3 sentences.
Eddy: My Great Blue Cadillac is a French cold/post punk duet created in 2012 by Louise & Eddy (so… us), both on drums, bass guitar and vocals.
Louise: We started the band as the same time as I began playing bass guitar! Everything went very fast, after few months working at home we started playing live in clubs for the love of it !

Tell us something about your last album or your last musical production.
Eddy: Our last 4 tracks EP, called “In The Dust”, has been recorded at TAF Records (2014, Montpellier FR). It’s definitely darker and heavier than the 2 others! We tried to retranscribe an atmosphere mixing melancholy and anger…
Louise: We are looking for a label to release our album on vinyle, so if you’re up to it… 😉

What is your “home ground” area? Tell us something about it.
Eddy: We are living in Montpellier ( South of France) and it used to be a place to rock in the 80’s but it’s getting down for years in my point of view… but hopefully a couple of caves and small places with a heavy atmosphere are still there!

What’s the best live act in your area? Tell us something about it.
Louise: What’s better than My Great Blue Cadillac?! Ahah just kidding!! There are many bands playing metal, surf or garage and they’re pretty good!
Eddy: We played a couple of times with HAG, he’s alone with his bass guitar and his sampler. This man is totally crazy on stage!!!

Which artists have influenced your style & sound, if any?
Louise: We didn’t really realise that our sound was so inspired by the 80’s cold wave or post punk before some people told us after our shows that they travelled back in some old Mancunian or berlinian caves! It’s true that we listen some Joy Division, Suicide, or Virgin Prunes, but not only at all!!
Eddy: Yes, we’re just trying to translate our state of mind and emotional feelings.

Any favourite artists?
Louise: It’s always hard to tell!! I like all the classics: Elvis, The Beatles, Joy Division, The Cure!! And The Kills! But I don’t have a top 10 it would be more a top 100 or more!!!
Eddy: “The King” is The king 😉

What’s the last live music show you’ve seen?
Eddy: We talked about him before, HAG!! It was a real tripping performance!

Beatles or Rolling Stones?
Louise: Definitely Beatles!!!
Eddy: Rolling Stones! Ouch!!!We’re gonna split!!! Ahaha!!

Tell us something about your best and your worst memory on the road
Eddy: One gig in Paris! We’ve waited 7 hours before playing, with only two beers each, listening to rubish pop music all night long… to finish in a nearly empty room!!! But we were so tired and fed up with it that we just became like animals on stage!!! So it’ was our worst and best experience!!
Louise: Yeah, most of the times the worst situations are stimulating for us!!!

Did you plan to have a tour in the next future? Tell us something about it.
Louise : We were on tour in December from west to east of France and we are booking for 2015!
Eddy: We are looking for dates in France and everywhere else so if you want to see My Great Blue Cadillac live… contact us!

What do you think about LiveTrigger?
Eddy: LiveTrigger is a good way to meet people and find places to play out of our homeground!
Louise: We have no booker or manager, we are completely DIY so it’s really a good tool!