Next Stop Olympus have released their new Ep ‘Heart, Mind & Hell’

Hi Next Stop Olympus, and welcome to LiveTrigger Magazine! Let’s start by introducing your project: what does make it unique...

Hi Next Stop Olympus, and welcome to LiveTrigger Magazine! Let’s start by introducing your project: what does make it unique and where is based?

Next Stop Olympus

Next Stop Olympus

We are Next Stop Olympus a five piece Post-hardcore/ Metalcore band with a twist of rock ’n’ roll based in Salisbury/ Southampton. We like to think we’re unique because we write our music with an older rock ’n’ roll vibe to it, and we’re not trying to make everything as heavy as possible as a lot of bands are.

How was your 2021 so far?

It’s been a difficult but great year so far, we released our brand new EP ‘Heart, Mind & Hell’ in April, but we’re champing at the bit to get back on stage and get this new release out there to the world.

What’s the most exciting thing that happened to you recently?

Releasing the EP which we worked so hard on and had to sit on for so long will have to win that one! We were so excited and so proud of it.

Where do you get inspiration, and how do you create your music?

Writing the EP was really cool too because it’s the most personal thing we’ve done to date, each song meant something to us, whether it be something we’ve been through or are going through, we turned these moments into a bit of a story of someone’s downfall with the first song being about betrayal, second about anger, third dealing with problems with alcohol, etc, forth is almost about reflection to a degree and the last track is about when you’re at the lowest point and giving up. One of us will bring it to the other guys whether it’s the riff, lyrics or just a general idea we have and we build on it together from there, all adding our own touch to the song that makes it NSO.


Who are your favorite artists in your local scene?

I think the biggest bands we could class as local bands would be Bury Tomorrow and Our Hollow, Our Home, they’re both Southampton based, and it’s really sick to see bands coming out from around this area and getting to the point those bands are at, as for what they have in common they’re both very heavy bands and keeping that in their wheelhouse as opposed to a lot of bands who soften up in some of their later albums. How did they influence your style & sound? I wouldn’t say they have influenced our sound at all, they’re both a lot heavier than we are, the only thing we might be able to say is that we’re big fans of those bands, so they may influence some aspects of what we do without us realizing.

What’s the best live music show you’ve seen recently?

Recently obviously there have been no actual gigs, but we’ve watched Hollywood Undeads’ and Dance Gavin Dances’ live streams, and they were fantastic.

What is your best and your worst memory on the road?

The best memories would be playing the shows and being able to play up and down the country and seeing more of it all the time, the worst memory will always just be the driving!!

What do you think about Livetrigger?

We love anyone who takes the time to speak to and help up and coming bands!

How can our readers follow you on social media?

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