ORNAMENTS: from Bologna, a heavy and slow mechanism, focused on melancholic communication and a recreation of emotional state of minds

ORNAMENTS is a visual art collective looking for new contacts outside Italy, coming out with a new split vinyl shared with the Italian duo ZEUS! called METAMORPHOSPLIT

Hi. Tell us something about the Ornaments project.
Alessandro: Hi everybody. Ornaments is a project born in 2003 around our common passion for music, or better, around the will to create some links of communication (between us and with the people following) based on a re-creation of an emotive status. The base is the music, the communication moves into different levels.
We consider it like a collective, opened to visual arts and friends moving on the same coordinates.
Ornaments is an heavy and slow mechanism, but we’re trying to make it every day more precise and surgical.
We’re 4 people playing on stage. We have a sound engineer, always. We have a visual artist (Colette Baraldi) playing images with us.

Tell us about your last music release and about the direction your music is taking.
Alessandro: Last release was Pneumologic, a concept album inspired by the Galeno theory, released in 2013. It’s the result of a long journey through years and experiences. It’s the sum of many hours passed doing practice or playing around Europe. The whole album turns around the acknowledgement of our own deep breath as a meaning to become in contact with everything’s around us.
In a few days we’re coming out with a split vinyl shared with the super-power Italian duo called ZEUS!: the title is METAMORPHOSPLIT.
We worked on the idea of metamorphosis (inspired by the art-cycle of M. C. Escher, on which we base the graphic art done by the 5th ornaments element called Luca Zampriolo aka Kallamity) and so Zeus! composed trying to feel Ornaments, and vice versa. From our side it was really interesting. We tried to use a different approach to music composition, more mathematic and less emotive… the result will be soon in your hands…

Some Ornaments’ musicians came from Italian bands, like The Death of Anna Karina, Hangin’ on a Thread and 7Note in Nero / Welch. Different souls in the body of the same band… maybe that’s the reason why your music is heavy, but still refined. Where did you get inspiration for your music?
Alessandro: The initial force was the common will to get out of the zone and breath you receive from other bands we were playing with. We were impressed by the evocative power of slow and dilated heavy riffs and percussions you can find in bands like Neurosis and Breach, that was our common starting influence.
During these ten years every one of us was listening to many different things (Riccardo for example is an appreciated jazz drummer…which sounds strange when compared to our approach) and this growing of everybody always brings new lymph to the composition process. We always have the same principles and goals but we always search new ways to reach them.

Which artists have influenced your style & sound, if any?
Alessandro: As said, many influences always in movement. From Neurosis and Breach, now we see many interesting bands in a scene that in these ten years grew a lot. I’m thinking about Terra Tenebrosa, Oathbreaker, Year Of No Light, Swans…just the first names that are coming to my mind…

On Livetrigger.com you define your genres cult of luna, neurosis and Instrumental drones. Can you help us and our readers understand a bit more what do they mean?
Alessandro: Some of us really appreciate the musical composition approach of COL, working on the sum of different levels and refining a lot their arrangements using many instruments… that’s interesting.
Neurosis are a religion, in the most positive meaning of this term. They’re evocative, melancholic but never depressed or self-sympathizing, they’re strong and powerful. This is the will of our approach.
The result is this instrumental suite; there you can find different levels of lecture. We compose in a surgical way trying to reduce it to the basic to reach this melancholic strength we were impressed and inspired by.
Davide: We are trying to combine the pathos of Neurosis with the complex structures of the CtL, and all in an instrumental approach.

How is being a band from Bologna – Italy? What’s the best live act in your area? Tell us something about it.
Davide: Bologna is an interesting crossroads and a lot of local bands are trying to emerge. There’s XM24, the Bologna’s first squat, which is an ex-market sometimes used for concerts, and also there’s Atlantide: they both are catalyzers for the underground scene. There’s also some very good clubs like Locomotiv, Covo and Freakout. In the past the local bands level was pretty amateur, but during the years I’ve noticed that it has definitely improved a lot.

You supported bands like Converge, The Red Sparrows, Daughters, Playing Enemy and many others… Tell us something about your idea of musical movement? Are you connected with other bands or musical movements?
Davide: We are in contact with many Italian bands: many of them are well-known here and some others are more known abroad… Often we find the same people at the same shows where we’re going. It’s really a small world after all.
Said that, I don’t think that at this time there’s something here like a “true” musical movement with political or ideological connotations…

Are you looking for gigs in the next future? Do you plan to have a tour in the near future… Tell us something about it.
Davide: We would like to get some good contacts outside Italy.
We really hope that our act at the Dunk festival in Belgium (we will play on 16th May) will help us… before that, we would like to find some foreign editions for our next releases!
Alessandro: in the next weeks our “Metamorphosplit” with ZEUS! will be released. In the near future we’re planning some shows together here in Italy. We have the occasion to go abroad (in Belgium, in May) and we’re trying to add some gigs in that area.

What do you think of Livetrigger.com? Do you think it could be a good tool to facilitate booking and organizing shows? Do you have any suggestions?
Davide: Cool website. It’s definitely a good initiative. From a DIY point of view I think that the real K factor in the process of booking a date is to be able to reach in a smarter way all the local promoters. So, in my opinion, a website where Promoters contacts get updated on regular basis is certainly a good start.

photo: Kartuphoto, Piercarlo Tosato e Alessandro Zanotti (post product by Martina Poli)
video: AER: designed, cared, shot and produced by Shiroppo Film Studio