PAAN: great screamo band from Saxony, they are going to be on tour in December!

Get to know PAAN! they have already released three albums, are active since more than 6 years and are back on tour this December in Germany!

Hi. Tell us your story in 3 sentences.
PAAN that’s Magnus (Drums/voc), Oliver (Bass/voc), Chris (guitar/voc) and Achim (guitar/voc). We founded the band back in 2006 and played almost 150 shows and published three records since that time.
Everything we create we do on our own which includes the recordings as well as designs and the biggest part of organisation as well as we are part of a bigger DIY network that consists of friends and music
lovers that spend their free time in keeping a active and varying music scene at life.

Tell us something about your last album or your last musical production (album)
Our last record is an EP and listen to the beautiluf name “Sounds like Chewbacca is taking a shit.” You can download it free on our Bandcamp account. In the first half of the next year we are going to release 3 split vinyls. This is going to be nice and heavy.

What is your “home ground” area? Tell us something about it
Our “home ground” area is Leipzig/Halle where our rehearsal room and the recording studio of Magnus are located. These cities offer a huge amount of live shows and possibilities for every kind of bands to play.
It’s worth for every touring band to pass by…

What’s the best live act in your area? tell us something about it
There are several great adresses in Leipzig’s Connewitz or Plagwitz to put up shows, but our favorite one is the Reil 78 in Halle. The people that run this left self-governing space became friends with us over the last years.

Which artists have influenced your style & sound, if any?
Our sound is influenced by 90s, mid 2000s emo/screamo bands like Envy, Yage, La Quiete, JR Ewing and so on, Post-HC, Punk like NOFX, but that’s only the main part. Influences don’t stop with the music on our tape decks or MP3 players, its everything we listen to or not. Art, Television, Internet, Newspapers, friends and all the other things we deal with in life as well.

Any favourite artists?
David Lynch, Salvador Dali, Manabu Ikeda, Jakob Amr, Andy Wahrhol, Klaus Kinsi and all the other ones

What’s the last live music show you’ve seen?
Trouble Orchestra was playing in Leipzig’s Täubchenthal last week. They play a fresh miixture of Hip Hop and Post Rock with catchy hooks and good songs like “Heiter” You should listen to that!
The guitarist, drummer and sound engineer form the Band “ZINNSCHAUER” which are close friends of us. We shared our last 14 days tour in the end of August 2014.

Beatles or Rolling Stones?
Beatles. No doubts.

Tell us something about your best and your worst memory on the road
There’ve been so many incredible moments that this is too hard to choose, so I’ll tell about a mail we received some days ago. A dude wrote that our music and lyrics helped him out of some deep stuggles
in his life. In moments like that you realize that this thing we’re doing can have an impact on people we will never know, its a strange feeling..

Did you plan to have a tour in the next future? Tell us something about it
This year we will share the Stage with Leoniden from Hamburg for 4 shows. Upcoming tours are in the planning process, just contact us if you feel like seeing us in your town!

What do you think about LiveTrigger? Did you manage to book any shows?
We didn’t manage to book any shows about LiveTrigger till now, but I guess this network only has to grow. It could be a great chance to offer an alternative to Facebook. It simplifys the contact of bands, bookers and clubs. You notice at the first moment that this is made by people who are in this indepent music thing. The gimmicks the website offers fits well with most of the important parts of networking. We wish you the best for it, everyone would profite as well as the Punk Rock would.