Snake Tongue and the baneful Raptor’s breath

Snake Tongue is a Swedish hardcore band sprung out of the ashes of the Scorched Earth; their incredible last album "Raptor’s Breath” is an hard, fast and harsh reflection on the society we live

Hi. Can you please introduce the Snake Tongue project to our readers?

Patrik: Snake Tongue is a hardcore band from Linköping/Norrköping, Sweden. The band was sprung out of the ashes of founder Martins old band Scorched Earth but developed into something new. In 2016 Snake Tongue released our debut album ‘Raptor’s Breath’ and received a really good response. During 2016 we started facing some trouble with the line up so a lot of time went to rehearse stand-ins. October 2016 we went on a tour through Germany, Czech Republic and Slovenia. During this tour we grew as a band and grew into what we are today. More focused and dead set on destruction. Original drummer Samuel left the band and later on, also Martin decided to leave. Snake Tongue today is Niklas (guitar), Fredrik P (guitar), Fredrik D (drums), Viktor (bass) and me Patrik (vocals).

Tell us something about your incredible and crazy fast album “Raptor’s Breath”!

Patrik:Raptor’s Breath” was compiled with mostly old riffs and songs from Martins previous project but re-moulded into Snake Tongue. But also Niklas composed two of the songs. So the album was a diverse range of riffs and tracks, but we tried to hold it together with some thematical lyrics. “Raptor’s Breath” focuses on the relation between “the leader” and “the mass” both historical and present. “Raptor’s Breath” is our hard, fast and harsh reflection on society.

How do you compose and where do you get inspiration for your music?

Patrik: For “Raptor’s Breath” Martin composed most of the songs but for our new tracks we work more as a collective. And I think we kind of found the formula for Snake Tongue. Niklas and Fredrik P come up with most of the riffs then they go through the “Snake Tongue”-  filter and we all add ideas and input. We will see the result on our next album. As for inspiration, I guess there is a shit load of bands that inspire us, but I think our reality and the world around us is the main inspiration.

Which artists have influenced your style & sound if any?

Patrik: As mentioned before, there is a lot of bands influencing us. And I think we all have different influences. But for Snake Tongue as a whole, I think Converge was a big inspiration for Martin, but we also draw from bands such as Napalm Death, Disfear, Tragedy, Catharsis, His Hero Is Gone etc.

Fredrik D: For me personally I would not

What does it mean to be an hardcore-metal band today?

Patrik: I think there are so many scenes, sub genres etc so it’s hard to generalize. But I personally think we are seeing a bright future for hard/extreme bands. I think the best thing is that we are getting back to the roots with not so much division. I mean, on our label The Sign Records we have a lot of different genres but we all support each other. Then it seems to be some hardcore-metal bands out there today that are completely “rock star assholes”, for me that does not belong anywhere. I want a scene with good people, then no matter if you play pop, punk, hard rock, metal, hardcore or whatever.

What do you think about the European hardcore scene today?

Patrik: Well, I think the hardcore scene as a whole is booming. The last couple of years we have seen so many future classic releases. One thing I really enjoy is that seems like the “scene” is more diverse when it comes to sub-genres.

Tell us something about your next shows!

Patrik: Our next show is The Sign Fest 2017: Another Lövely Night. It’s a festival in our hometown Linköping put up by The Sign Records and filled with bands from The Sign Records roster. But also bands from The Sign Records associated labels Lövely and Gaphals. This festival is a good sign (no pun) of the scene(s) merging. There will be pop-punk, hard rock, folk-rock, metal, black metal, crust, hardcore, blues rock etc…

What’s the coolest live act in your area?

Patrik: I think The Great Discord puts on a great show, Märvel knows how to deliver, NekrokraftSiberian, Dead Soul… We really have a lot of cool bands in this area right now. Well, the coolest live act from the area must be the band Ghost

What’s the best live music show you’ve seen recently?

Patrik: I see hundreds of bands every year so it’s hard to say. But I think Career Suicide in Copenhagen last year and Stress SS last summer is among the top 10 last 12 months.

Tell us something about your best and your worst memory on the road.

Fredrik P: We had a ball doing the last tour and we collected more good times than I can remember. All the nice people we meet and all the cool places we got to see.

We went cruising through Ljubljana for a whole day. Awesome city.

Worst memory: Flat tire in Prague and the 15 hour drives.

Best memory: Various personal incidents, none mentioned, none forgotten 🙂

What do you think of

Fredrik P: An awesome community for bringing bands and promoters close. Opens opportunities for people wanting to reach out with their music and get help from other band and get connected. Keep it up!