Timotteo, tango del futuro

Timotteo Quintet offers a futuristic twist to the classic orchestral tango, injecting life into the dramatic and sensual under tones of this well loved genre

Hi. Please tell us and our readers something about Timotteo musical project.

Timotteo was founded in the year 2006 as a duo, to transform later into a Quintet formation that still persists, completed by Ignacio Oroná (bandoneon), Alejandro Lafogiannis, (cello) Rubén Polizzi (violín), Federico Pérez (piano) and Manuel Villar Lifac (double-bass). Timotteo plays music from the second half of the XX century to the current date. They play works by Piazzolla, Rovira, Plaza, Salgán as well as works composed by themselves. Besides their work as a Quintet they play along Symphonic Orchestras and chamber ensembles. Timotteo toured extensible starting the year 2010 through Uruguay, Germany, Austria, England, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Spain and Turkey.

In the year 2012 the quintet made a collaboration with Harry Waters among other musicians from the Roger Waters The Wall tour band, recorded a CD and played in a couple of show in the ND/Ateneo theathre in Buenos Aires together with those musicians.

Together with the San Martín Symphonic Orchestra the quintet played and recorded the ‘Concierto de Nácar’ (for 9 tango players and Orchestra) from Astor Piazzolla, under the direction of Mtro. Armando Celán, with that same Orchestra a couple of years later they recorded the ‘Quintuple Concierto para 5 Tanguistas y Orquesta’ composed by Ignacio Oroná. From the same author they premiered and recorded along the Orquesta de Facultad de Medicina from the Buenos Aires University the ‘Concerto Grosso’ for tango quintet and String Orchestra, as well as his “Quintuple Concerto for 5 tango players”.

What does it mean to be a tango band?

When we were kids tango was a music mostly heard by elder people, it was our grandparents music. It sounded old fashioned and out of tune with the music we would normally hear on the TV or the radio. As we started become teenagers we started to ‘feel’ tango music inside us. There is an anecdote from the famous tango singer ‘Roberto Goyeneche’. After he was interviews by a young guy, this guy told him: “You know Mr. Goyeneche, I do admire you a lot but I don’t like tango, what should I do?” and Goyeneche answered him “Live kid, live”.

Where did you get inspiration for your music? Tell us something about it.

I believe that we take inspiration in everything that moves us, it can be an art piece, music from another band or composer or a band we like. It might be also something that happened in our lives or even something more general occurring. Composition is nurtured by very different experiences which they all have an input in the creative process.

Which artists have influenced your style & sound, if any?
There are many artists that influence our style, just to mention a few I would say Genesis (specially in the early era), Pink Floyd, Miles Davis, Astor Piazzolla, Edgberto Gismonti (just to name a few).

What’s the best live act in Buenos Aires? Tell us something about the Argentinian musical movement.

There are many cool bands that are worth hearing. Everything that has to do with the ‘Sistema de Orquestas’ is awesome. This guys are building orchestras all around the country, giving young people a real option: to make music. It’s impossible to expect that kids living in poor areas will just choose, out of the blue, to study or work just because it’s the ‘right thing to do’ in capitalist countries such as ours. Playing music gives them, in our opinion, food for their soul.

Are you touring right now? Do you plan to have a tour in the next future?

We are not touring right now, but we are planning on doing so next year, hopefully we’ll tour Europe for the third time in 2018.

Tell us something about your best and your worst memory on the road.

Best memory I would say.. Touring Turkey, playing in very distant places such as Diyarbakir and meeting people that love tango culture the way we do. That was amazing.

Bad memory uhm.. I guess that the 2012 volcano that shut the air space in Europe made things very difficult for us in that tour, we got to travel a lot by car!

What do you think of Livetrigger.com?

We think it’s great. Actually a friend of ours, Alan Haksten from the band Marcapiel suggested us an idea pretty much like this website some years ago, and now his idea was realized by you guys!