VICIOUS STEEL: Kerosene-flavoured campfire duo

Camp set between Hill Country & Bayou, VICIOUS STEEL unload crates of moonshine from the back of their ute. Feels like the sizzle of bacon in a log cabin, with hot sauce on top.

Hi. Tell us something about Vicious Steel project.
Vicious Steel started a little over one year ago, early 2014, as a North Mississippi Hills Country/Delta/Stoner duo: vocals, guitar, slide guitar, and one-man-band feet drumkit. We wrote our first original songs a few months later; today, our setlist features mostly originals, with some souped up covers and standards thrown in. Just recently, one of us switched to double bass to provide some extra grease and low end. We like to play in a lot of different settings, from small spaces to big stages, as well as on our own caravan stage!

Tell us something about your last musical production.
We released our first album in March 2015, one year after our first gig. We did everything by ourselves, apart from mixing and mastering. It’s been an autonomous experience, on a tight schedule. It is a picture of what the band is at a given moment, and there will be new pictures, evolving into something different as time goes on. This first album includes four originals (two of them sung in French, our native language), two blues standards and a Vicious-style cover. We already know that the next album will focus more on what defines the duo : live energy. We also just released a video clip, shot around a live performance of one of the originals you can find on the disc. You can check out the album here – – or get it there ( and here’s our new video:

On your Livetrigger profile page you define yourself as a blues band… Tell us something about it?
The blues is Vicious Steel’s backbone. We’re trying to keep in touch with the core of what blues music represents to us, while still being ourselves and laying two fresh sets of eyes on it. Our visual identity is also a strong part of our show and of who we are as a band. We have lots of exciting projects under way, one of them being the creation a Vicious Steel street show. This will be out next summer, and should be lots of fun both for the audience and for us.

Which artists have influenced your style & sound, if any? Any favourite artists?
The music we’re playing has its roots deep in the blues tradition. But, as we were born in the eighties, we also add lots of other colors in the mix. We get our inspiration from the likes of Robert Johnson, Popa Chubby, R L Burnside, Motörhead, Johnny Cash, AC/DC, as well as contemporary bluesmen like C W Ayon.

How is being a band from St Généroux? Tell us something about France musical movement?
The area were is come from is rural, and could appear quite remote but is in fact very rich with art and festivals of many kinds. Not far from where we set our base, there is for instance a fantastic blues festival (Terri’Thouars Blues –, which has been running for 10 years. They handpick the artists playing there from Europe to the US, and make it a fantastic family experience year after year.

Are you connected with other bands or musical movements in France or outside your country?
Being a young band, we are newcomers on the blues scene here, although the two of us have been playing together for about 5 years before in other acts. So far, we’ve been given a warm welcome, and we hope to keep that connection building up ! There are good people in the blues family. We’d love to keep meeting more of them, and all in all more of the good people in any scene and anywhere.

What’s the best live act in your area? Tell us something about it.
It’s hard to tell, as there are lots of active and talented people living and working in the area, and for sure we don’t know all of them. On the blues scene, the first artist that pops into my mind is Xavier Pillac, who’s definitely worth checking out.

What’s the best live music show you’ve seen recently?
We were talking about the Terri’Thouars Blues Festival up above, well that has been a source of excitement and nice encounters. A gathering of great musicians and great people. Go there, people, and book early 🙂

What do you think of Do you think it could be a good tool to facilitate the process of booking and organizing shows? Do you have any suggestions?
Any community and network initiative can be a good thing for live music, if stripped from the promises of stardom. And, from what I can see now, does not fall for this. So yes, I think it can be a good tool Connecting people is one of the keys to make things happen. To be totally honest, we didn’t dive yet into its possibilities, as a lot happened for us since the last year and a half, and we’ve been focusing on managing all of our projects at the same time. We’re busy building a strong foundation, while being totally open to go and perform anywhere our footsteps or wings can take us. From what I’ve seen so far, the tool offered is clever and well designed. Want me to get fussy? OK, well, it would be great to be able to synchronize the LiveTrigger band calendar with existing calendars, like iCal for instance. It’s simply impossible to update schedules in several different places without getting crazy and missing out some things, so this would be a great addition. And that’s about all I could spot so far…

LiveTrigger Team comment: Yes! We are already thinking about the synchronization of calendars. Unfortunately it is very complicated and, since we have built it as a free tool, we simply do not have the resources to pay for a team of software developers. It will take some time but we will get there soon!!