Zadkiel, about to release debut solo acoustic album Limbic System on CD

Hi Zadkiel, and welcome to LiveTrigger Magazine! Let’s start by introducing your project: what does make it unique and where...

Hi Zadkiel, and welcome to LiveTrigger Magazine! Let’s start by introducing your project: what does make it unique and where is based?

My band Zadkiel is based in Nottingham. I sing in falsetto and am a tenor. I write original lyrics inspired by Sci-Fi, Horror and Philosophy. I have a unique turn of phrase and am very passionate about music and music-making. It’s like a quasi-religion to me.

How was your 2021 so far?

Better than 2020 that’s for sure. I got sick with Covid last summer. It was horrendous and I had a high fever for 2 weeks. Luckily, I avoided having breathing problems and stayed out of the hospital. I used the subsequent period as inspiration for some of my writing later. The fever dreams became the new lyrical inspiration. They were trippy and had elements of Alien Abduction about them! So I wrote about that. In 2021 I’ve had rehearsal recently with my band Zadkiel for the first time in 18 months.

I’ve had more energy to write new music on my own.. I’m also just about to release my debut solo acoustic album Limbic System on Cd, having release it digitally online last summer on my solo bandcamp page.

Tell our readers more about your new album release. Are you excited?

I’m excited to finally get it out on CD soon. Limbic System was quite easy to record but harder to get momentum to release to begin with as I was transitioning from a previous label Unit 24 that is ending to a new one. My friend Lee Heir (from Prime UK band) has signed me to his new independent label The Public House Brand. I am looking forward to playing some tracks live in the next year or so. I also have enough material for a 2nd solo album and thinking of having a few more layers going on rather than just voice and guitar, although the simplicity of that worked great with the songs on Limbic System. Vocally it has clarity which the band records didn’t have as much. The voice is the main instrument on this record, you can hear everything I am saying.

And what about the video?

We made a music video for Hive Mind the first single from Limbic System. It was shot by Taz a talented documentary filmmaker from Nottingham. He seemed to get my ideas, had good ones of his own, and was a dream to work with. We used some stock footage of bees and crowds, as well as CCTV camera-style footage, to create a paranoid feel. Initially inspired by Darren Aronofsky’s debut film Pi. The video is the first one to be released on the Zadkiel UK Youtube channel. The first of many hopefully

Where do you get inspiration and how do you create your music?

My inspiration for creating music comes from the lyric writing which itself comes from the poetry I write, which is inspired by films and books, as well as experiences. I write in a stream of consciousness and abstract style. I write about feelings and use symbolism. Some of it is mythical and some from the subconscious.

Who are your favourite artists in your local scene and what do they have in common?

My favorite bands on the local scene are from Sheffield. It’s not where we are based, but I don’t find the acts here in Nottingham generally that interesting. Sheffield has more of the kind of music I like to listen to. Alternative Rock /Modern Prog. Awooga are a 3 piece who are very powerful and dynamic. I like Dead Blonde Stars as well, both of whom are signed to Rockosmos Records (Sel Balamir from Amplifier’s independent record label). They are channeling the early 90’s with a touch of modern progressive rock. Awooga also own West Street Live and we get on well with their manager Mat and play at their venue quite a lot.

How did they influence your style & sound?

We’re not influenced by other local bands as such. I would rather go to the source to get my inspiration. Not that there is anything wrong with being inspired by local bands, they do their thing really well. My own thing comes from not just bands but films and literature and my direct relationship with guitar and piano. The scales, the chords the melodies, the rhythms. We are influenced by Radiohead, Nirvana, and Jeff Buckley because they were around at a formative period for me as a teenager learning to play. Since then, it’s got stranger, more from my own experiences and the inner world of imagination. You have to have imagination if you want to be creative. In terms of style, the style is to convey the full range of human emotions through both discordancy and harmony. No one band owns that and the chords are readily available to everyone. It’s how you put it all together that makes it interesting and original, that’s not something that can’t be taught, it’s intuitive. Style over substance is usually hollow, authenticity leads to timelessness and the realization of self.

In your opinion, what is the connection between music and creativity? 

Music is like the cinematography and the mood in the film.. the aesthetics. The lyrics and the message are the story. Creativity is a natural human urge. To reach out to others, or to alienate yourself sometimes even, if you want to break free of some of the chains and build something of your own. Creativity is important because it’s how we process the world. My new acoustic album is called Limbic System and is named after the part of the brain that processes emotions. Emotionlessness and machine-like learning is what’s expected of us. To fit in and do our jobs and not break down. Human life and feeling is not to be caged and bottled up by society, we need to express and release our emotions. Music is a safe place to do so, sometimes alone, sometimes with others. Without music, the world would be dull and unbearable.

Are you happy about what’s happening in your life as a musician?

I’m happy that Zadkiel is still going, and that we are trying out new material currently as well as playing the older stuff.

It would be a shame not to play any of the previous work if it were a completely new band.

I am happy to have signed with my friend Lee Heir’s label, he has a professional approach to promotion and social media that was slightly lacking before for me. I am also excited to write stuff on my own as a solo artist as well as with Zadkiel.

I have people to play music with, and the inspiration to continue on my own as well, so the best of both worlds.

The only thing that is missing is being able to play live again.. it’s coming back, but it’s not quite back yet.

Hopefully, next year will be safe to do so more regularly in music venues.

What’s the most exciting thing that happened to you recently?

I am doing more press than ever before and have had Hive Mind and some of the other songs played on podcasts and radio stations which is good to hear. It’s felt good to write a few new songs after an initial writer’s block in early 2020. I’m sure when I get to see other bands play again being at gig will be a big relief too.  Also playing the next gig with Zadkiel will be exciting after about 18 months away from the live circuit.

What about your next gigs. Are you planning a tour?

The plan is to write new material and then tour with Zadkiel. Tours are usually small-scale for us. Nottingham. Derby, Sheffield etc, the surrounding areas. Once we start to gig again we hope to release Transient Resurrection our next Ep that is already finished. We are trying to find the right time to drop that. Everything has been in flux since the beginning of the 2020s so.. it’s a case of finding the best moment. I will also be playing some live show solo hopefully before the end of 2021, in support of Limbic System..

What’s the best live music show you’ve seen recently?

The last gig I saw before lockdown initially happened was in December 2019. I saw The National at Nottingham Arena. They were great. I saw them in Germany as well in summer of 2019.. but I was closer this time and the energy seemed to better.

They had female singers singing some of the songs. as their last album ‘I’m Easy To Find’ had more duets and was a collaboration with other artists. It made for a good communal experience on stage and with the crowd.

How can our readers follow you on social media?

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You can also listen to my new solo album Limbic System on my bandcamp site

Limbic System, by Dan Heathcote