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Band in Vancouver, British Columbia, CA


Shockload was formed in 2011 by Ryan Ruin, Guy David McDonald (G-Tone) and Jamieson Vegas. They quickly became a hit in the local scene and worked long and hard writing tunes and building a local following, culminating in the release of their debut album Attractive Distraction in 2013. With the departure of Guy in 2014, long-time friend and fan, Mike Chapman strapped on a bass and the boys continued doing what they love the most! It didn't take long to get back to the stage, and shortly after into the studio to record their second undertaking. After being picked up by a new, local and ambitious record label Kick-Rox Records, the E.P "No Big D" was released in summer 2015. A few weeks later the band hit the road for their second Canadian west coast tour. Shockload's tight, three piece attack combine elements of hardcore, tuneful punk rock with a pinch of old school metal. Their energetic stage presence and work ethic have earned them the right to stand alongside the many amazing bands the Vancouver punk scene has to offer. So keep your eyes peeled and your ears to ground for new shows, merch, music and tour dates!


Attractive Distraction - full length CD. Dec 2013 No Big d - E.P. August 2015


Posted on Jun 08 2017 at 05:10am