Shockload, the NEW Canadian PUNK SCENE

Shockload is fast, energetic and melodic hardcore punk: their story talks about passion for music, supporting the Vancouver DIY scene and a chicken as their missed mascot on tour!

Hi guys. Can you please introduce the Shockload project to our readers?

Shockload is a three piece punk band from Vancouver B.C. Consisting of Ryan Ruin – Guitar/Lead Vocals; Jamieson Vegas – Drums/Backup vox, and Mike Chapman – Bass/Vocals. We’ve been at it for just about six years now. We’re heavily influenced by that 90’s punk sound. We have one full length album, one four song EP and are in the pre-production stages of our second EP at the moment.

How do you compose and where did you get inspiration for your music?

For the most part our songs are written by Ryan. They are then brought to the boys to work out the fine details. The most recent song we’re working on was originally written as an acoustic tune, Ryan brought it to practice and the three of us together into a pretty driving punk tune that we’re all quite stoked on. So we work quite well together!

Which artists have influenced your style & sound, if any?

We’re influenced by bands like Face to Face, Propagandhi, SNFU, and others of that genre.

What does it mean to be a punk band today?

I don’t think much has changed in the last few decades in that regard. It’s still a very D.I.Y thing, being in a punk band. It’s a labour of love for sure.

What do you think about the North American punk scene today?

While I can’t speak much about the entire North American scene, I can say a lot about the scene here in Vancouver. It’s a family affair. Everyone is very supportive and kind.

Going to a live punk show in Vancouver is like going to a big party with all your best buddies. We all try to make it out to each others shows. Wear each others merch and try our best to contribute to where this scene is headed at the moment. We’re honored to be a part of it.

Tell us something about your next shows?

We’ve got a show coming up July 8th at Pub 340, in downtown Van. Playing with some great bands, including local acts, “Off By an Inch”, as well as Puerto Rican skate punks “Ignorados Comediantes” This show is being put on by the local promotions company “Not Yer Buddy” who are well known for setting up some great gigs!

We’ll be playing at the Media Club on July 22nd, as part of a big two day punk festival, put on by local UBC radio personality who goes by the moniker “Russian Tim” aka “The Russian Rocket”. Tim has been instrumental in turning our little scene into the burgeoning bastion of blistering punk rock it’s becoming. The lineup is amazing and if you’re local you should really try and make it out. It’s going to be the last show at this venue, as sadly the club is being shut down to make room for more gentrification (which is the title and theme of one of our tunes!)

What’s the coolest live act in Vancouver?

By far it’s a band called “The Corps” (Pronounced Core) Mark my words these guys are the next big thing. We recently had the pleasure of doing a brief, long weekend tour with them, and it was a blast. Their work ethic is unparalleled, they’re amazingly talented and also some of the nicest dudes you’ll ever meet!

What’s the best live music show you’ve seen recently?

That’s a tough one! There’s been so many. The revival of legendary local punkers “Daggermouth”. Our good pals “The Greatest Sons” Ryan and Jamieson got to meet the dudes from Face to Face AND Propagandhi recently! It’s been a great year for music in Vancouver so far!

Tell us something about your best and your worst memory on the road.

One of the funniest moments we had on the road happened just recently. We were leaving Kelowna the day after a show and stoped in a rural area to drop a friend off at home. So we`re stopped on the side of the road beside this large chicken pen, and this one chicken is just staring us down, pacing back and fourth. He eventually makes a break for it, hops over the fence and hops right in the van! This chicken wanted OUT! I think we all kinda secretly wanted to keep him as a mascot, but decided perhaps a tour van is not the best place for a chicken!
As for worst memories, honestly we`ve been so fortunate on the road. Aside from the minor things that most bands experience like, having difficulty getting paid and making ends meet. Playing to super tiny crowds and sleeping on floors or in the van. Knock on wood, we`ve never broke down on the side of the road or had gear stolen, or anything too crazy. We tour cause we love it. After it`s all said and done, you are out there making memories with your brothers that you will look back on for the rest of your life and think…fuck that was awesome!

What do you think of

We’re extremely grateful for the opportunity to be interviewed by you guys. What you’re doing is great for everyone involved in music! Thank you!


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