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club wakUum

Bar in Griesplatz 8, Graz, AT


We love Music and we love Bands, so we love you to! Come here and play your stuff!!


Our project "club wakUum" provides young, emerging and newly established bands and gives them the opportunity to organize themselves without financial risk and attaching easily to an existing event. Based on: free stage - free admission, we can guarantee that neither the act nor us will suffer financial penalties. Be it by the band (room hire, sound equipment, lighting and the maintenance of this equipment for free disposal provided by us) or by part of the public (admission is always free and our drinks are cheap .. at the club the 0.5 liter of beer in the bottle is only 2.40 EUR or 1.90 EUR for a splash) – everybody wins 😉 As part of the audience, the only requirement to watch a show at our club wakUum is an admission of 10 EUR/year for a membership – available at our entrance (bands that play at the club will get a yearly membership for free) Because of the non-profit-gig at our club, however, the bands have to organize themselves (arrival, accommodation, carrying their gear, gas-money, etc.). They are supported from us the best we can, such as free drinks, food on demand and the opportunity to collect free hat money or donations. In rare cases, we can cover a bit of travelcosts (50,-- EUR), but this ‘gift’ is especially for foreign tour bands. If you still are interested to play at our club under these conditions, then we are happy to talk about event-dates with you! Our usual opening times are THU-SAT 20:00 – 04:00, but the club can also be booked on other dates. BTW: · Stay informed about our program at under the heading Events. · Follow us on Twitter, or click through our website under · Stream our music on our new webradio (smartphonable) or send us cd´s to load them up on the stream. · Book our sound studio with tecnician inclusive and with a huge recording area to record live or step by step at or or one love, ron