CLUB WAKUUM: a free culture initiative which gives opportunities to local and international acts to go on stage!

Starting 4 years ago, Club Wakuum has made more than 20000 members in Graz... and it keeps growing! Join Livetrigger and contact them to see if you can play there!

Hi Al, I hope everything is fine with you. How are you? Describe your venue in 3 sentences!
The WakUum is a free culture initiative which gives local and international acts the chance to promote themselves on stage. Entrance is always free for all members, and membership is just about 10 euros per year.

What kind of music is usually played at your club?
We do 190 Shows a Year from New World Noise to Grindcore over Rock, Metal, Fusion and Reggae… but no techno and rave stuff

When and why did you decide to open a club in Graz?
We wanted to drink for free and have some cool bands around, so we decided to make this Club back in 2010. We are Four Years old and have more than 20.000 Members in Graz until now

Tell us something about your city!
Graz – The Prettyshittycity with a touch of flair! Is not that big as it seems but we have a really good music scene over here!

And what about Club WakUum local audience?
All our members are some kinds of musician freaks and maybe drunken hordes of people BUT: all of them are very lovely!


Being a venue manager in Graz is an easy or a hard job?
I love it and it’s cool to be part of this thing we have created! (most of the time 😉 )

So, I play in a band, I’m booking a tour and I’d like to play in your club. Give me your three most important recommendations.
Be cool, handsome and thankfully as good as we are!

If you weren’t running your Club Wakuum, which other venue in Graz would you like to run (if any)?
No man! There’s my heart I have put in my place! When this is over one day I will not go to any other similar work place or club anymore!

Do you work often with promoters and booking agencies or do you work directly with bands? Which one of these 2 approaches do you enjoy the most?
We do not work that much with promoters – Club Wakuum is more from Band to Club attitude. But i have some promoters I work with that I like…

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