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Mad Sneaks

Rock band from São Paulo - SP, Brasil




The years have been very productive for the band since the Mad Sneaks’s formation in 2009. From that time until now, the trio continues performing shows around the country to promote the debut album “Incógnita”, which was released in 2013. This album enjoyed a wide repercussion among the public and caught the media’s attention. Because of its success, the power trio gained its space in the underground scene.

The band was highlighted by its sound and rage in several magazines including the well regarded “Roadie Crew”.This magazine praised a lot the musicians’s harmony, their influences (which includes the well-known Nirvana) and the great ally in the album’s mastering, Jack Endino, who produced the first album of Kurt Cobain’s band.

After the great impact of their first video clip, an animation made for the single “Rótulo”, which has been exhibited in all music channels of Brazil’s closed TV, the band launched two more video clips made for the songs “A Cura” and “Sangue Sujo”.

Well produced video clips have become synonymous with Mad Sneaks, even if they were produced completely independently. The band always maintains a very high quality in its videos that can be compared with any reputed producer, proving that the term “indie” was never a synonym for low quality.You can confirm the good effect of the video clips in the band’s channel on the Youtube ( With only three clips launched the channel exceeded 100,000 views.

The “Sneaks”, as the members are called, keep working hard for the benefit of Rock’n Roll. They intend to record another clip for the song “Pandora” and they are already working on new compositions that can become a new album very soon.It is possible that these new songs will be played during the next shows to satiate the desire of fans.For those who stilldon’t know the band’s sound, here is its official website ( where you can listen to the 9 tracks of the album “Incógnita”.

Mad Sneaks already have a virtual shop where you can purchase the band’s official merchandising like exclusive T-shirts, CDs and vinyl records. You can access the store here:

See you on the road…

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