The Mad Sneaks music experience

For Mad Sneaks rock'n'roll is a way of life: it's fight, passion and sacrifice face to face with the incredible struggle that art provide

Hi guys. Can you please introduce the Mad Sneaks project to our readers?

Hi everyone! Mad Sneaks is a Brazilian power trio formed by Agno Dissan, Amaury Dias and Elton Reis. Currently, the band is living in São Paulo, but everything has begun in a small city called Alpinópolis, located in the countryside of state of Minas Gerais, when two friends was looking for something interesting to do in a city with less than 20 thousands inhabitants. We have been playing our own musics since our first live show in 2009. We’ve never wanted to be a cover band, our intention was always to contribute to Rock’n Roll somehow.

In 2013 our first album called “Incógnita” was released and, since then, the band has been playing in many different places. Happily we are pleasing and conquering most of those who listen to our songs, including people from inside and outside our country.
Nowadays the band is in a studio, recording the successor our debut album and we can certainly guarantee that huge surprises are coming.

Tell us something about your last release “Incógnita”.

It was an incredible experience! The album was recorded in a studio called SuperFuzz in the city of Rio de Janeiro and was mastered by Jack Endino in Seattle. We’ve learnt a lot and discovered much more about us as band acting off stage.

We’ve always rehearsed in our garage, leaving all the rehearsals almost deaf because of the great noise. When we recorded our songs in the studio and heard the songs clearly, we figured out our potential and realized that we could be a real band, because we felt that they were so real and pure. We are very proud of “Incógnita”, it is the real proof that if you truly try you can reach what you want most. We are just beginning, we have a lot more to show and “Incógnita” is a humble sample of our great potential.

How do you compose and where did you get inspiration for your music?

Normally, it all starts like a big jam. Dissan brings a few riffs and ideas and then we work to put our personality into the music. Everything flows naturally and honestly.
Individually the process is very simple, as we have similar musical taste, naturally we can feel like how the music should sound already in the first few seconds when we receive it in our heads. This is one of the incredible magical experiences that art in general provides.

Which artists have influenced your style & sound, if any?

Our influences are basically rock ‘n’ roll from the ’80s and ’90s, it certainly helped Mad Sneaks to be what it really is. We like bands such as Nirvana, Local H, Pearl Jam, Helmet, Alice in Chains, Mudhoney, Social Distortion, QOTSA, Soundgarden, Ramones, Rancid and bands relatively new such as Violent Soho, The Virginmarys, among many others.
In Brazil exists a lot of great bands that we know and admire such as CPM22, Engenheiros do Hawaii, Restos de Nada, Sepultura, etc. We also have incredible Brazilian bands that are consolidating their careers every day that are worth to be heard, such as Ego Kill Talent, Far From Alaska, Vivendo do Ócio, Dvrill e Radio Attack.

What does it mean to be a rock band today?

It’s not easy, definitely! But we wouldn’t abandon this life for anything! We don’t take Rock’n Roll as just a musical style, we have it as a way of life. It’s a mix of fight, passion, sacrifice and surrender. We live in a world of disposable products, where material goods are overestimated and the art is little valued in general. We make our music with our truths, without worrying about whether it sounds commercial or not, and this is how we feel good and fulfilled. It’s not easy but it’s true. We believe that with sincerity and determination, all goals can be achieved. It’s as they say: “No Pain, No Gain!”

What do you think about the South American rock scene today?

There are countless great bands both in Brazil and throughout South America, this is certainly the same throughout the world.

The big problem is the exposure that these bands have. South America is famous for its passion for Rock, this is evident, all the big bands that pass by always say that South America has one of the most crazy and passionate fans of the world. Unfortunately a lot of those things is still lacking for local bands, who make excellent shows and sometimes end up not having all the visibility they deserve due to lack of support in general, greatly reducing or limiting the audience.
In addition, sometimes we come across outdated bands who believe that other bands are competing with each other, rather than trying to unite to consolidate the scene.

We do our part sharing our music with everyone, sharing other bands that we like and fortunately we are having a good feedback.

We believe that if there were more union between the general public and bands, and more support for underground and independent music, the Rock’n Roll certainly would be stronger than ever, since the quality of many bands still surprises us today.

Tell us something about your next shows?

We already have some scheduled dates for the coming months and we can guarantee that people will see three guys having fun on the stage. The Sneaks’ shows are always full of emotion and sincerity, channeling and sharing energy between us and the audience. It’s like a bomb about to blow. This is our differential, when we are on the stage, we and the public are just one.

Join us and enjoy!

What’s the coolest live act in São Paulo?

It’s a huge city, full of all kinds of shows / events for people to feel alive, from indoor events to great street performers. It’s a place with different and cool people, each one living in the way they really believe, that’s fantastic!
We have identified a lot here, we really felt good and welcomed.

What’s the best live music show you’ve seen recently?

We recently had the pleasure of watching Chris Cornell‘s acoustic show in São Paulo.
It’s amazing the force / energy that guy had. For sure, he’s already became more of a great immortal in world music.

He was and remains a great influence for us and that was an awesome show.
It’s sad to think about that acoustic show was a farewell to Brazil.

Tell us something about your best and your worst memory on the road.

The road is unique.
The sensation it causes is indescribable.

You’re on the street with your friends and getting ready for a show, everything is very intense.

Honestly, there are no bad times on the road when you are among friends. All we want is to make a great show and then go to the next city and absorb all the good energies that exist in it. The road is infinite and through it we can arrive anywhere.

What do you think of

A great entertainment space really useful to anyone who cares about real music, like us, not only as a band, but also as readers.

We are extremely grateful of being welcomed by you guys so sincerely.
We know how hard it is to find great people with good intentions. Live Trigger is certainly a great organization as far as world music is concerned.

Congratulations for the great work and long life to the sincere music!

See ya on the road!