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Band in Milano MI, Italia


Formed in August,2007 as a duo (guitar & drums) after a couple of months we decided to insert a bass player.
We play rock'n'roll melted with our personal influences: stoner,punk,hardcore.
Guitar,Bass,Drums,Vocals & Screams. No tricks.
It's like drunken QOTSA who are going to play Peter Pan Speedrock's stuff. Our main influences are Danko Jones,Fu Manchu,Adolescents,Hives,Foo Fighters,Ramones,Black Flag...and two thousands more! We performed as opening act for Adolescents ,Atlas Losing Grip ,Burning Heads ,Wire ,Useless I.D. ,Not Scientists ,Darko ,The Movement and for some historical italian bands like Indigesti ,Shandon ,Impact, Rappresaglia, Blue Vomit, The Leeches.


'Anal Rock' - EP (2010) DIY
'Alan Rock' - EP (2012) Samoan Records
'Demoniac Monsters with Masonic Eyes' - LP (2016) My Own Poison Music

'Tape On Me' - CASSETTE (2017) Bananacore Prod


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