S.O.C.S.: Attitude is the word

S.O.C.S. play anal rock, punk’s urge for weird and fast rock’n’roll, full of stunning riffs and stoner vibes; they are outsiders and as part of the scene they ask: whene did punk-rock become so safe?

Hi. Can you please introduce the S.O.C.S. project to our readers?

Hello everybody,we’re a dumb-fast-garage rock’n’roll trio from the neighborhood of Milan. We knew ourselves at the high school in Treviglio (Bergamo) at the end of nineties. We played in several local bands (Subgruppo Devasto, Mecheros, The Rockweiler, Touchdown, Fire&Ice, Les Pirates Gentilhommes, Kamarama, The Logistics, Redneck, Crash-Dive) but we never decided to play something together until 2007, at the end of summer. At the beginning the idea was a ‘pure fun’ side-project, between the works with our main bands. First we started to play a strange kind of noise-instrumental hard rock, as a duo (Mike guitar & Koppo drums) then we decided to involve Trap, seriously heavy-metal-addicted bass player.  From that moment, we were on the road anytime, anywhere and SOCS became the main band.

SOCS is an acronym for ‘Sheeps On Creamy Spermwhale’, a stupid and totally non-sense monicker we decided to use just one week before our first gig.
But in everyday’s society ‘socs’ is a term used for characterizing a category of underrated and not completely accepted people, also known as ‘Outsiders’. It sounded good in both cases,so we had it. We always respected the ‘guitar-bass-drums’ scheme, we think it’s the best solution for a rock band. Unfortunately, during the recording session of last album,Trap had to break up for lack of motivation after 8 years, but we were really lucky.
Giambe, who is another blood brother of our crew (and also a stunning bass player in Nova 76) started to practice with the band and in a month we were ready for touring. Again!

How do you compose and where do you get inspiration for your music?

When somebody asked us which kind of music or genre we do, we answered “Anal Rock” because it was a strange kind of rock’n’roll, very fast and full of punk’s urge, with some stunning riffs influenced by stoner… we invented the definition ‘the rock’n’roll that catches you from behind’… and so we thought ‘Anal Rock’ was the best name. We compose in practice room, standing one in front of other’s face. No computer, no pads, no vocal effects, no tricks. It’s just guitar,bass,drums and throat. When someone starts playing some riff or some rhythm,the others try to get the best way for create or continue the song,it’s a long story made by infinite jam-sessions. We get all inspiration for our music from the people we met on the road before,during and after the shows. Our last LPDemoniac Monsters with Masonic Eyes’ is dedicated to them, it’s a concept about ten different stereotyped persons we REALLY met all around; there’s the cocaine addict who drives fast and he doesn’t care, the fashion victim who needs new dresses for the shows, the complete poser who thinks to be the one & only… we’re used to claim them ‘Guardian Spirits’. There’s a special mention for the biggest of them, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who started from Terminator and ended with the government of California.

Which artists have influenced your style & sound, if any?

We get 90% of our inspiration from Underground Punk-Hardcore of the last 3 decades,especially 80’s and 90’s,in particular bands with big attitude as Black Flag, Hüsker Dü, Adolescents, Minutemen, Dead Kennedys, Fugazi, Devo, Angry Samoans, NoMeansNo, The Offspring (in the early years!!!). The other 10% is heavily influenced by Danko Jones, Foo Fighters, QOTSA.

Tell us something about the “Support the Oscene Tour 2017” – what a lovely name for a tour – and your next shows!
Support the Oscene is our 6th DIY tour we organize every single gig by yourself, no booking agency and no pay-to-play… we only look out there if there are possibilities or places for have us and our music. The name is a pun, unfortunately there are lots of people out there which promote and fill their mouth with ‘scene’ quotes and phrases, but reality is often different”. Too much bands and venues’ bosses think only for themselves and they have no interest or will to DO something cool or in cooperation with others.

These are our next gigs:

6th – GATE (Bergamo,BG) w/ Let It Slide
19th – LA CABOTINA (Turbigo,MI)
20th – COLLETTIVO KAOS (Lumezzane,BS)
27th – AL BAFO (Seriate,BG)
28th – SKATE CONTEST (Canonica d’Adda,BG)

8th – FESTA DEI POPOLI (Cassano d’Adda,MI) w/ The Enthused

8th – INDIE SUMMER FEST (Vailate,CR)
And more gigs are coming…

What does it mean to be a punk rock band today?
To be a punk rock band today means first of all to have attitude, a word full of meaning and good intentions about who we are, where we come from and what we could do… and never forget it! Every step you make in this scene (even if it doesn’t exist) should be always moved by respect, involving people, support friends but also new acts and unknown bands out there. Punk-Rock was born from an unfair situation in all parts of society, today it wouldn’t be possible to replicate or be concerned on this, because everyone’s good, fine and think for himself. So, the idea of “being” a punk-rocker is maybe turning in “acting” or “thinking” like a punk-rocker,that’s nice and it could bring some good ideas for create a underground act,or for grew together in something to believe in.

What do you think about the European punk rock scene today?
Talking about ‘major’ acts, we have to notice that the great punk scene is still moved by the same great bands from the 90’s. All these bands were and are great, they still give examples about staying on a stage or writing amazing songs and looking for new stunning punk-rock acts in the last ten years is not easy. Talking about underground, we think there’s a better situation; of course we know it’s often difficult to bring punk-rock to the masses… but there are lots of groups, bands, festivals and people which still believe in it and they are used to give action, passion and animosity on it… Punk Rock Holiday, Groezrock, in Italy we have Bay Fest, PunkRock Raduno, Bòs Fest, Solidarrock and there are lots of small festivals where you can find real punk-rock attitude and obviously great punk-rock bands.

What’s the coolest live act in Milan area?
Milan area is a ‘fertile field’ for great bands,in our opinion.
Our favorite are:
FILTH IN MY GARAGE, I think you know them… awesome heavy sound,they always create a perfect live act.
If Converge were Italians, they would play like Filth in my Garage.
THE BOOGIE SPIDERS, fuzz’n’rock’n’roll trio,they have a unique groove.That’s the point!
I LIKE ALLIE, a melodic combo influenced by Against Me!, Alkaline Trio and Gaslight Anthem.
THE LEECHES, aka the best Italian punk-rock band!

What’s the best live music show you’ve seen recently?
Giambe says ‘One Dimensional Man
Koppo says ‘Bob Mould
Mike says ‘Adolescents
Ok… we all say ‘Adolescents’ !
We had the honor to open their show two times, but last year at LO-FI (r.i.p.) was completely amazing! True punk-rock legends.

Tell us something about your best and your worst memory on the road.
Something? The best and the worst? We could write down a saga!
Let’s try…
BEST MEMORY was when Tony Cadena (Adolescents’singer) tried to build a bong using an empty can of Coke… five minute before to hit the stage! We were in front of him, ashamed.
WORST MEMORY was when we arrived to the venue VERY EARLY in the afternoon, but the venue opened 3 hours after the timetable they gave us.

What do you think of Livetrigger.com?
When we subscribed to Livetrigger we felt like we found Jenna Presley’s phone number!
The concept is great, the idea of having all band’s informations (and websites) in the same page with easy click is a complete victory.
We think it’s a good vehicle for promotions especially for people who don’t know your band at all, ’cause it’s clear and simple.