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Mari O. and the "Q" Band

Dance music band in Central Florida, FL, USA


Mari O. is a Singer Song Writer, Entertainer and Producer.

A Senior Idol Finalist in 2016. An Award Winning Composer with 35+ years of experience in the Music Industry.

He studied Music and Music Education at Florida International University. Earned a Bachelor's Degree from Regents College in New York.

Mari O.'s Eclectic approach to Music shapes the Band's Musical Sound. His unique mix of genres include: Dance, Instrumental, Latin, Sing-Along, Blues, R&B, Doo Wop, Ballad and Caribbean Music.



"Knee Mails" (Album12 Songs) Released 2018

"Son Worshiper" (Album 12 Songs) Released 2014

"Peace on Earth" (Single) Released 2016


Posted on Aug 14 2019 at 03:49pm