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Band in Copenhagen, Copenhagen, DK


Spoil is a hard rock band from Copenhagen, formed in january 2013. Spoil began as a project where we could experiment with mixing genres and create sound that combined the member´s musical experiences from hard rock, stoner and grunge. A few months later we had enough songs that we liked, and we decided to show them to an audience. After three concerts in Copenhagen we decided to make an EP with some of them. Spoil makes rock without a prejudice. It could be described as riff-based heavy rock with a groovy, overdriven bass, melodic vocals and blues-based guitar solos. The universe depicted in the lyrics speaks about the beatings you get in this world. Spoil´s sight upon this world is bleak, full with disenchantment, rage, irony and surreal poetry.


Posted on Dec 15 2014 at 09:52pm