SPOIL: Rock without a prejudice

Spoil is a band from Copenhagen, the pretty and sometimes rough capital of Denmark, where beer is good and the live music scene is vibrant

Hi. Tell us your story in 3 sentences.
Our story? We were four guys who wanted to make music that we all felt like making, without regard for what ‘genre’ we wanted to be or anything else. Hard rock, stoner, and metal get spoiled in something we call “rock without a prejudice”. It turns from a rehearsal room project into an EP and a small tour quite quickly.

Tell us something about your last album or your last musical production.
We recorded the 6-track EP “Let it all burn” in june ´14 in a weekend. The main idea was to show what we do and we´ve got a very good response, also on our concerts. We´re constantly working on new material, and we´re going through a very creative period, which will end in a CD at some point. In the meantime, a music video and as many concerts as possible!

What is your “home ground” area? Tell us something about it.
Our home ground is Copenhagen, the beautiful and sometimes rough capital of Denmark. The beer is good, the women are beautiful and the weather is shitty. Add a little rock n’ roll and it all works.

What’s the best live act in your area? tell us something about it.
Loud N´Rowdy are awesome, great energy, pure redneck rock n´roll…. also Goodbye Kitty K, more punk… Red Sky Wizard, stoner… Also plenty of metal… There´s a huge amount of awesome bands in Copenhagen!!!!

Which artists have influenced your style & sound, if any?
Too many to list here. Everything from Queen to Black Sabbath to Metallica, Pantera, Lamb of God, Depeche Mode. There’s a lot of pop influences around as well.

Any favourite artists?
We have way too many, and way too different. It´s quite amazing that we can agree on what to play, and we all like it.

What’s the last live music show you’ve seen?
Skullclub, badass punkrock band. Just to name one… There´s plenty of hard working bands we see every week at High Voltage (THE place in CPH) and other venues around.

Tell us something about your best and your worst memory on the road.
Our best experience so far was our release party at High Voltage. Everything just clicked on stage, the crowd was happy, the drinks where cheap… Hell of a night. The worst experience was a gig where everything was just wrong; we weren’t properly prepared, the lead singers voice was half gone due to a throat infection, we couldn’t hear each other on stage and the place wasn’t even half full. Bad evening, but we just agreed to keep trucking and grow stronger from the experience.

Did you plan to have a tour in the next future? Tell us something about it.
Definitely! We have a lot of contacts in and around Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark, but we are working hard on getting gigs outside of Denmark. Right now we´re making contacts in Sweden, Germany, Italy and Spain.

What do you think about LiveTrigger? Did you manage to book any shows?
LiveTrigger is a part of this plan. We hope that it will soon give us a chance to swap gigs with other bands, or that some promoters will find us there. It will hopefully grow quickly and therefore give more chances to independents bands like us.