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LiveTrigger Help Center

How do I rate a user?

Your rating is (and will always be) anonymous.

You can rate users on LiveTrigger whenever you want, but the arithmetic average of all your votes for that user will always be equal to one.

So if you vote a user today and then you want to vote him/her again, the average of your 2 votes will always be counted as one vote.

If you want to rate a user, go to his/her profile page and click “RATE USER” to open the ratings popup.

We specially created 3 different kind of rating for the 3 different types of LiveTrigger users – You have to fill all the fields to rate a user and then click “RATE”!

1 – you can vote the bands based on 3 criterias:

  • people: are these guys assholes or your best-friends?
  • music: is their music shitty or awesome?
  • show: is their show boring or cool?


2 – you can vote the promoters based on 2 criterias:

  • people: is this guy an asshole or your best-friend?
  • reliability: is this promoter disappointing or outstanding?


3 – you can vote the venues based on 7 criterias:

  • people: are this guy assholes or your best-friends?
  • reliability: is the venue’s promoter bad or good doing his job?
  • sound: is the sound creepy or is it a pleasure for your ears?
  • locals: are the locals boring or cool?
  • accomodation: how was the accompdation (if provided)?
  • sound engineer: was the sound engeneer deaf or professional?
  • lights: what about the lights on the stage?


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