How do I change my password?

While logged in to your account

If you are logged in, you can change your password by going into your Settings page.

Select Password from the menu on the left side of the page.


Insert your old password, a new password, confirm the new passwor.

Remember that the password must have at least one letter, one capital letter, one number and be at least 8 characters.

Click “SAVE CHANGES” to update the informations.

Note: If you forget your current password, you will need to log out of your account and use the “Forgot your password” tool to generate a new password (see below for directions).

While logged out of your account

If you are logged out of your LiveTrigger account, you can request a password reset email by clicking the “Forgot password?” link on the Login module on the top left of the dashboard page.

Enter the email address that is associated with your LiveTrigger account and then look out for an email from LiveTrigger with your Password reset link in it.

No longer have access to your email account?

If do not have access to the email account where the Password Reset link is sent, or if the email address that is associated with your Livetrigger account isn’t active, please check out this FAQ ArticleWe can update your email address for you.

Didn’t receive your password reset email?

There are a few reasons why the Password Reset process may not have worked for you. Let’s try to figure out why it’s not working:

1) Be sure to enter the email address that is associated with your LiveTrigger account. If you inserted the correct email address the following message will be displayed: “We have sent you an email, check it to reset your password!” and you will receive a reset email.

2) Go to your  email account,  open the email we sent you and click on the reset link. You will be redirected to a recovery page: choose a new password and confirm it (remeber that password must have at least one letter, one capital letter, one number and be at least 8 characters).

If you can’t see the recovery email after a few minutes, you can try the following options:

a) Check your spam folder as it may have been diverted there

b) Check the “Social Tab” of your inbox (or other folders it may have been assigned to)

c) Whitelist our email address by finding to your contact list and trying to send a new password. You may find details here.

If you can’t find the email sent from LiveTrigger, contact us and we’ll try to figure out why this email is not arriving in your inbox.

3) If you were able to find the Password Reset email, click on the “Reset your password” link.

If the link doesn’t work you can:

a) try to send another recovery mail using the panel in the dashboard, as descibed above;

b) let us know.

Please remember that the link sent to your email address will expire after 24 hours. Also, *if you have requested more that one password reset link*, only the latest link you requested will work. Sometimes, email providers will ‘collapse’ and ‘thread together’ similar emails, so be sure looks for the latest email we sent.