My account is connected to an old email address and I don’t have a password! How can I change it?

If you are unable to update your email address using your LiveTrigger password, we can try to help you.

Just send us a request and we’ll try to hep you as soon as possible.

Security Questions

In order to update your email for you, please include the following details in your request. Don’t worry if you don’t remember all of the following information – just include as many details as possible so that we can confirm that you are the owner of the account:

  • What is the email address currently connected with your LiveTrigger account?
  • When did you create your profile?
  • When did you last access the website?
  • What is exact street address that you have registered?
  • What is the name used to subscribe LiveTrigger?
  • What is the new email address you wish to use?
  • What is the link to your LiveTrigger profile?