Based on true story, Pressure tries to portray the ressures in life into a song

Hi PRESSURE, and welcome back to LiveTrigger Magazine! We are really excited to support you in this new exciting release....

Hi PRESSURE, and welcome back to LiveTrigger Magazine! We are really excited to support you in this new exciting release. Tell us everything about it.



Our latest single is “Pressure” it’s an arena rock anthem about the Pressures of your life. We all have to deal with different kind of pressures, and sometimes we feel lonely. Like there is no one in the whole world that can understand our situation. We would like to show that it’s just a feeling. If you dare to take the step to call out for help and to see if there are people around you who have experienced the same or close enough things as you have…you will be surprised. Pressure is here to help you and if no one answers. Pressure will! This song was recorded in a very short time. We needed to get it out! It had a melody that was stuck in our heads, so we really had no choice but to release this song! Take a listen and see what you think!

Are you excited about this single launch?

Very excited! This is really in the right direction. It tells a Story as we want our music to do and its based upon so many true stories that we have experienced ourselves. So now we are very happy to see that people like it. We have got a great response from the release!

What is the process you use to create your music?

Normally Simon makes a draft, where he does everything, yes everything. Drums bass , guitars, vocals. After that, he sends it to the rest of the the band and see if it’s something we want to start to work with. Olof and Olli start working with the song to set key, sometimes change some of the melodies etc. and see if we find some good harmonies. Now we have a new draft, and we start rehearsing it for a while to see how everything feels. After that we start with the real recording and send it to our producers so they can have a say in it.

And what about the video?

Normally we film everything ourselves, and sometimes we use stock videos. Sometimes we produce it all by our self, and sometimes we get help. This time we really chose to make a lyric video. It’s just that the lyric here is so important! But we also have plans for an official music video with a very interesting theme…but that – that is a secret!

What are your favorite artists and/or composers?

I have a big variety of artists and composers in very different genres. Here is some of them, Queen, Bon Jovi, Mozart, Hayden, Volbeat, Sabaton, Avicii.

Do they have anything in common?

They are good at what they are doing

How did they influence your style and sound?

If you listen to our different songs, you will notice that we have a slightly different sound in almost all our songs. That’s because we always start with the lyrics, and then put music to our story. Depending on what we want to tell, and in what mood we tell it, we use different kind of music/genres to tell it. And very often mix different genres to tell it.

What’s the most exciting thing that happened to you recently?

Since its Corona time and everything is shutting down again… Its probably that we been signed by a label – but which one? Haha. Another secret, stay tuned!!

So, what’s next? Any big plans?

Working to finish our next album and the hopefully get out and play some live gigs.

What do you think about Livetrigger?

You are a great tool and help to help us get out there and make some noise!

How can our readers follow you on social media?

Here are some links for you to follow us! Stay metal!








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