Four dilettantish Baits with a knack for hooks and reverb

Baits is an original four piece indie rock band from Wien who loves to listen to music, go to other bands' live music shows and support the local music scene

Hi. Can you please introduce the Baits project to our readers?
Sonja: Baits is a four piece rock band with a knack for hooks and reverb.

How do you compose and where do you get inspiration for your music?
Sonja: I mostly compose song ideas at home, bring them to the rehearsal room where we jam them and see how it works out as a band.
We all play in various projects, like Carousals, we listen to music and go to live shows. Most of the time these are inspiring activities.

Which artists have influenced your style & sound, if any?
We are pretty much all over the place – from the Beach Boys and Beatles to Thee Oh Sees to Sonic Youth or Weezer, we all have different backgrounds and preferences. But that makes it all the more interesting as each of us adds a different layer and a different sound.

Tell us something about your next shows!

We’re currently in song writing mode, meaning trying to write about 40-50 demos of which we’ll then make a new record. So for now, we lay low.

What do you think about the European independent scene today?
It’s a difficult business. On one hand, it has become so easy to get in touch with venues and promoters, but knowing someone face to face can never be replaced by Facebook contacts. One can organize a tour independently, which is cool, however, there are so many bands doing the same thing, so the competition is quite high and the number of venues stays the same. Also the money some people are willing to spend on DIY shows is little – there often seems to be a lack of appreciation for the work that is connected with playing and touring.

What’s the coolest live act in Wien?
There are quite a few, but Wolfgang Möstl’s bands like Sex Jams or Mile Me Deaf are always cool to see and hear.

What’s the best live music show you’ve seen recently?
Sonja: For me, definitely, the American garage rock band Audacity – very tight and complex songwriting.

Tell us something about your best and your worst memory on the road.
Cars…we’ve had troubles with cars several times. Once someone smashed the side window of our borrowed car right in front of the venue in Amsterdam. Nothing was stolen, as there was nothing left inside, but it took us hours to get the glass out of the car and then we had to go to careless to get a plastic replacement. Another time we borrowed a van from another band and the fan belt broke and we couldn’t stop the car, because it wouldn’t have been possible to start it again. We made it to Berlin, but right in front of the venue the car died and eventually had to be repaired.

What do you think of
We haven’t really got to use it or profit from it in any way yet, but I am sure, in some time, the page will get the recognition it deserves. All the best!

Thanks for the interview!