“Gonna Be A Riot,” new single out from Slumlord Radio

Slumlord Radio is putting out his new single“Gonna Be A Riot,” a gnarly little anthem just released under White Elephant Records.

​Hi Tommy from Slumlord Radio, it’s a pleasure to have you here again for LiveTrigger Magazine!

How was your 2019 so far?

Good man!!

Definitely had its share of ups, downs, and wild curveballs.

Overall, I can’t complain!

The Slumlord Radio train kept on a rolling, only going off the rails a couple of times! Haha


​Tell our readers more about the last single that you are going to release this week.

It’s called “Gonna Be A Riot” – it’s a gnarly little anthem!!

We are putting it out on White Elephant Records (it is also a part of a vinyl single split with our buddies Red Stone Souls/*Silver Maple Kills).

Oh yeah, and we decided to tack on our own dirty/grungy B-Side version of The Stooges/Iggy Pop classic “I Wanna Be Your Dog”.

We are Michigan boys after all.. I gotta honor the local legends.



​And what about the video?

Still pending, the “suits” are reviewing it to see if it is fit for the “good” of “public consumption”.

Keep an eye out for it in early 2020…


​How did your music evolve during this year?

Like the good ol’ Slumlord Radio boys themselves, it just got more handsome.


Are you happy about what’s happening in your life as a musician?

Absolutely, we signed up with White Elephant Records, excited to work with Jeremiah and Alicia at that organization.

Putting out these new tracks to end the year strong!

Excited to see what the future holds.

slumlord radio the band


​What about your next gigs…

We have a couple of really good ones coming up early this year!

We are playing a big venue in town called 20 Monroe, which will be awesome.

And one of our favorite shows of the year the annual Knights of the Road Motorcycle Club party in Detroit, which is always wild as hell and a blast.


​Do you have any new projects coming up that you would like to mention?

Working on the rest of the record, so we can put it out in 2020.

Some videos and a couple of other rad surprises!