Slumlord Radio, action rock from the Mitten

Swedish stoner truck drivers Slumlord Radio deliver their signature cannon-drum pounding, gnarly sex-dripping riffs and sharp-dressed bass, with deep, full flavoured whiskey vocals!

Hi. Can you please introduce the Slumlord Radio project to our readers?

Slumlord Radio is a quartet out of Grand Rapids, MI. We are originally from Sweden, where we had jobs as Truck Drivers & Models. Got a little too heavy into gambling and super behind with a bookie. We decided to relocate to the U.S. in 2010 and form a band to make some cash to get back into good standings.

Based on our previous job experience, we just naturally gravitated to good ol’ Dirty Action Rock. Slabs of punk, Detroit rock, stoner rock, and fuzziness thrown in for good measure. It’s got big pounding cannon drums, gnarly pure sexified riffs, sharp-dressed bass, and whiskey/nicotine flavoured vocals.

Here is the lineup:
Tommy “Capt. Hollywood” Erickson – Vocals/Guitars
Mike “El Ace” Todd – Bass/Backing Vocals
Matt Claucherty – Drums
“Dangerous” David Flynn – Guitar/Backing Vocals

How do you compose and where do you get inspiration for your music?

Well of course, all the normal creative processes, like huffing paint. Late night philosophy talks with the local truckers in exotic locations on our world tours. Oddly enough, the source(s) of inspiration just sort of appears, but it all traces back to one spot. A lot of our initial ideas started after a chance encounter with a 25-cent fortune teller machine, located in the Small Mall in Flint, MI. Just sort of snowballed from there. To this day, we are still receiving telepathic transmissions from that same machine, which then turn into song ideas. (It also provides us with great betting lines and tips for college football.) Best quarter we ever spent!

Which artists have influenced your style & sound, if any?

Motorhead, The Stooges/MC5, Clutch, The Hellacopters, Union Carbide Productions, Soundgarden, The Misfts, Gluecifer, Red Fang, QOTSA and many more! Really, just any gnarly, rough rock stuff.

What do you think about the North American independent scene today?

You know it’s pretty decent. A lot of venues for bands to be able to promote themselves. Still a lot of great venues and people who really care about music around.

What about your next shows?

We have a big outdoor gig for a festival here in Downtown Grand Rapids in June. Then a couple of really cool festivals to round out the summer. In September, we’ll head over to Chicago to play Wheeler’s Weekend Jams fest. Probably throw in a couple dive bar shows and eating contests to fill in the show gaps.

What’s the coolest live act in Grand Rapids?

Oh, there are so-so many cool ones. We’re lucky to have a great local scene full of super good looking, ultra-talented folks! Do yourself a favour and check ‘em out: The Holy Warheads, Westside Rebellion, MOTO, Bleed The Water, Red Legs, Dirt Chili, The Alien Dogs, Tweeg and The Bounders, Murder Party, The Bitters, Dead Eye Zack, American Zombie Inquisition, Five By Five, Knives are Quiet, Trixy Tang, Crooked Heart, Flushed, Head, Emma Lou/Sam, The Bloody Lips, Feral Frankensteins, Chugger, Truffle Pigs, 78 Revolutions Per Minute, The Scants, The Bowery Sailor Kicks, Lipstick Jodi, ShoeBox, The Quirk, JOE, Michigamaa, Bet on Rats, Rip Van Ripper, Bong Mountain and many more!! (Sorry, if I forgot anyone, I am seriously drinking beers and working on my riding lawn mower as I type these answers)!
Oh yeah and a shout out to Alex DeYoung for taking pics at a lot of these local shindigs.

What’s the best live music show you’ve seen recently?

The last show I saw was Soundgarden in downtown Indianapolis, exactly a week before Chris Cornell passed away. Great show in a real cool outdoor amphitheatre. Had a blast with the great folks of Indy, and really grateful that I got to catch Chris singing one last time! Oh yeah, and our last show was with The Beggars out of Detroit. Holy Hot Damn, those dudes are good!

Tell us something about your best and your worst memory on the road.

We have many “foggy” memories!! I would say the best recently was traveling down to Columbus with our buddies in StoneClover. Always grand times/shenanigans-a-plenty with those kids! The worst was playing a barn that had a Swiss cheese roof in the middle of a monsoon.

What do you think of

First off, we really dig the Instagram. Those awesome live pics of bands from all over the world! The site is a great platform to connect bands/musicians from all over. It has a super good network of venues, and it gives as independent artists a chance to branch out. Great resource!!