NoReason Fest is home to the European Punk Rock Family

NoReason Fest First Edition has been a huge success for the European punk rock family. A lot of people were...

NoReason Fest First Edition has been a huge success for the European punk rock family. A lot of people were waiting for it and it was amazing to have so many artists from all over Europe. Did you like it? So… get ready for NoReason Fest 2020!


We asked the bands that played at NoReason Fest 2019 how was their experience at this European Punk Rock Family gathering and everybody said it was awesome!

ANTILLECTUAL (NL) – “NoReason Fest has been Truly heartwarming”

Antillectual Band playing live on a stage

NoReason Fest has been truly heartwarming!

It was an amazing meeting with punk rock family members from all over Europe.

Great to have so many like-minded people and great bands united to make an awesome party!

The best part was the turnout!

It was amazing to see that so many people were looking forward to this festival.

Such a successful first edition hopefully means that there will be a NoReason Fest #2, and #3, and #4, etc, etc.

Being back in Italy was great.

Our last show in your country was almost 5 years ago or something. It was simply too long ago since we last saw a lot of our Italian friends. We hope we can come back soon and stay in touch better in the future.



ASTPAI (ÖST) – “We love going back to our No Reason Family”

zock from astpai playing guitar on a stage

NoReason Fest is always a big gathering of old friends made over the year and new faces in new bands that have the potential to stick with you.

We love going back to our No Reason Family.

Being able to play to an exciting crowd of people who care about the band and the songs and feel this sense of appreciation is what’s best about it.

For me personally, it was great seeing the band Regarde properly for the first time.

They blew me away!

BRIGHTR (UK) – “The atmosphere was excellent”

BRIGHTR eating an ice cream

The atmosphere was excellent; a room full of friends and potential new friends all enjoying great music.

The organisation was so great for the first year of this event, Luca, Carolina and the team of No Reason worked soo damn hard and it showed. I was honoured to be asked to play!

Personally, for me, Darko was a massive highlight, as were Antillectual, incredible bands.

On the acoustic stage I was blown away as usual by Girless and Mike Noegraf; brilliant talented humans!

I was so happy and humbled to hear so many people singing along.

Looking up from tuning my guitar to a wall of people was a huge crazy highlight for me, I love Italy!

MIKE NOEGRAF (FRA) – “No Reason Fest was, to me, something like a great family reunion”

MIKE NOEGRAF playing guitar

No Reason Fest was, to me, something like a great family reunion. I met old friends, I got new ones.

I really enjoyed the fact bands and acoustic acts were mixed and also the fact everyone played the game of a 30mn set that is important in this kind of fest not to get people bored 🙂

All was great to me on every point.

To me, seeing all my acoustic friends playing was such a great moment as everyone I love were reunited for one special night.

RED CAR BURNS – “Playing onto that beautiful stage is worth every second”

RED CAR BURNS band playing on the stage

Noreason Festival has been such a great festival with awesome bands.

Although it was professionally managed by NoReason crew, we’ve never failed to feel the warmth they genuinely give to the bands, like we were a huge family.

To me, the most exciting highlight of the festival was the Astpai set.

A great talented band and an even greater group of individuals.

They are really nice persons and I love having the chance to share the stage with them.

Playing onto that beautiful stage is worth every second, but I have to say that it is so exciting to see our friends singing along on to our opener “Different Rules”!

Personally, I loved Mike Noegraf set.

It led to a very introspective moment despite the punk rock atmosphere, and I enjoyed that contrast.


SORRY WE ARE SILLY – “NoReason Fest has been a blast” 

sorry we are silly playing on HT factory stage

Noreason Fest has been a blast.

As an artist, it’s awesome to get the chance and meet so many bands from all over Europe.

It was like a family gathering.

We met so many passionate and talented people under this umbrella and we really enjoyed it.

We would be happy to see this happening every year!

An exciting Highlight on our point of view is that so many bands were playing different kinds of music, with their personal touch.

Noreason Festival brought together some of the best independent artists in Europe.

We could describe every set we’ve seen as remarkable, that’s what made this event so special.

Anyway, if we have to pick up one, the show of Mike Noegraf has been an example of how intimate the atmosphere was.

He is a gifted artist and such a nice dude and put up a great set.

As sorry! we are silly, the best thing was to see more and more people in front of the stage as the set was going.

It means a lot for us to share our music and see people enjoying it!


REGARDE – “It was a pleasure sharing the stage/backstage with All the promoters and bands involved”

regarde band picture on the beach

The whole thing was very well planned and the band were all stylistically alike but each one with a strong attitude towards its own taste, giving the festival some variety and colour!

Also, the switch between acoustic/electric was a perfect way to rest the ears for the people and to prepare with care the electric stage.

All the promoters and bands involved were kind and thankful so it was a pleasure sharing the stage/backstage with them!

Seeing Antillectual and Astpai after a few years was great and they were awesome on and off stage.

For us it was the first time performing a brand new song that will be on the next record we are putting out so it was good to see it was well received.

Girless – “It’s all about passion, music and friendship”

girless playing guitar

I think it’s great to see so many amazing artists in one place and so many people who put efforts and dedication in letting these things happen without making any money out of it.

It’s all about passion, music and friendship.

The atmosphere was amazing and everyone was having a great time, laughing and singing along and having a drink or two.

My personal highlight was the end of Mike Noegraf’s set, when he just got unplugged and sang a couple of his amazing tunes in the middle of the crowd… everyone was listening in silence and the whole situation turned out to be so emotional.

Apart from playing my set, I was very happy to meet so many friends from Italy and abroad, like 7 years, Brightr or Mike Noegraf who I don’t see as often as I would love to…and of course all the guys at No Reason who made all of it possible.

That’s really one of the main reasons why I keep on doing this thing you can hardly define music. Who is the best drummer?


7 years – “siamo tutti antifascisti” (always important!)

7years band picture all together

It’s always cool when you play in a festival such as Noreason Festival with a lot of friends, members of other bands or part of the crowd, at Noreason fest we loved to hang out in the backstage with some of our best friends in the punk rock scene and we are happy we had the chance to meet some new ones.

It’s nice when there are bands from different countries and you can spend some time together, it’s something that I really love, music can give you the opportunity to meet some beautiful people all around the world.

I enjoyed every show but if I have to choose, I’ll tell you just 2 highlights:
Mike Noegraf is my “french brother”, I watched him live many times during the last years and normally he closes his set playing in the middle of the crowd: singing without mic all the people must be silent and it always works because he has those gentle manners that you must really be an asshole to go on to chat noisily with your friends, so you just shut up listening to him… and when it happens I always think: “Look that french talented asshole, he knows really well how to touch your heart before he is leaving!”

The other highlight is about Astpai show: I had never seen them live before, and first of all, I loved that Zoch, their frontman, said “siamo tutti antifascisti” (always important!).

Their set was full of energy and uhm I would say “empathy”, they just gave me good feelings, you know?

They dedicated a beautiful song called “Feel the pain” to our common friend Stanga who lost his mother during the last year and it was really a touching moment.

The last months were not easy for us because our former drummer moved to another city after we played together for almost 20 years, some friends are helping us to replace him, the good thing is that they are really good drummers!

Alex Gavazzi (Thousand Oaks, Jet Market…) played with us at NoReason, it was our second show together and I think it was good, I mean maybe he played better than us!?

We still don’t know what will happen in the future and right now I can’t say if he will play the drums again with us, but of course, I will remember this festival also for this thing, because Alex is a great musician and a really lovely person, a good guy!


So finally a big hooray to this incredible punk rock family that does everything just for passion 🙂

European Punk Rock Family that’s the way to go!

European Punk Rock Family selling vinyls with passion