Visual Satiation: Lucas Allen Cook

Visual Satiation: Lucas Allen Cook

With his hypnotic and dark style, Lucas Allen Cook has the power to evoke those surreal landscapes that in dreams seem so familiar, yet unknown when waking.
Let’s get lost together in his visionary forest

1) Let’s start by introducing yourself.

My name is Lucas Allen Cook. I’ve been working as an artist & illustrator since 1999. I have background in graffiti where I began using spray paint for my paintings. I’m currently enjoying working on ink drawings as well. I create psychedelic landscapes inspired by my forest surroundings, space and dimensions beyond.

2) What have you got up your sleeve? Are you working on something at the moment?

I’m working on a finishing up my next zine of my drawings which will be released this month. Also working on new paintings for a solo exhibition in October.

3) What do you do besides making rad illustrations?

I’m a curator at Flatcolor Gallery here in Seattle. I have a daughter and try to spend most of my time with her and my lady. We enjoy walking through the forests of the Pacific Northwest Cascadian realms together.

4) Since Livetrigger is about music, what would I hear if I were in your room while you’re drawing?

I listen to mostly black metal and doom metal. Some ambient, folk and dark wave as well.

5) If you had a time machine, what historic period would you like to visit?

It would like to return to an ancient time where technology and fossil fuels did not rule our lives. Where the earth was worshipped and life was simpler.

6) What are your phobias and manias?

I think I fear what us humans are doing to this planet and the other creatures that inhabit it. The outlook of the future is looking pretty grim. I’m concerned for my daughters future. Hoping that people and more importantly the leaders or our world and corporations start making some drastic changes on how and what they consume and what fuels they use and become more conscious of the environment and our affects on it.

Thanks for your time Lucas and good luck!