How do I create or delete a public gig request?

You can create a new Public gig Request on LiveTrigger using the “Post a Request” panel on your Dashboard or from your Agenda.

When you create a Public gig Request, everybody will be able to see your request on the map and all the community members could reply to your public gig request and help you to organize the show!

We recommend you to post different requests in all the areas where you are searching for gigs: more Public gig Requests mean more chances to book shows.

Fill up all the boxes to create your first Public gig Request – boxes marked with asterisk are mandatory:

  • type in the subject of your request.


  • select the date of your request!


  • you can add more dates by clicking the + (plus) and selecting other dates from the calendar: every added date is a new marker on the map!


  • Select what you need between bands, promoters or venues (you can select one or all of them): notification email will be sent automatically to the all the interested bands/musicians, promoters and venues in the area and your request will be displayed on the map!


  • type in the location where you want to post your request and click the exact result on the drop-down menuyour request will be displayed on the map!



  • add a description (you have to write at least 100 characters): try to be as detailed as possible, it will help to entice other users to help you. You can also insert links to other pages – ex facebook event links etc…


  • you can insert a video to personalize your request: finally post your request by clicking “POST A REQUEST”!


Once you start receiving booking offers, start chatting with other community members and see your dream gig become a reality!

Help other community members when they need it… the next time it might be your turn!

You need to be a member of the LiveTrigger community to post a Public gig Requests: are you not still a member?

Editing a Public gig Request

To edit an existing Public gig Request go to your Agendaclick the Edit button next to the corresponding Public gig Request on the left side of the page, then edit your request and save the changes.

Delete a Public gig Request

To delete an existing Public gig Request go to your Agenda, click the Delete button next to the corresponding Public gig Request on the left side of the page and then confirm your decision.

Deleting your Public gig Request will remove it from all the results and from the map, but will keep the related messages you’ve received in your Inbox.