LiveTrigger inbox is perfectly designed for you!

It has never been so easy to contact venues, bands or promoters and manage your gigs and tours!

No junk emails in your inbox, only relevant conversations that you can sort by date, name, category, fee, distancerating & reliability!

Using your inbox is extremely simple; you can easily manage all your messages within few clicks:

1 – click “INBOX” on the toolbar to access to your inbox;

2 – Sort your messages choosing between the options of the folders:

  • Inbox: find all your incoming messages here!
  • Important: is this an important conversation? Well, it’s definitely here!
  • Requests: have you posted any request on LiveTrigger? Find the responses here!
  • Trash: when you delete a conversation it end up in this folder. Don’t worry, you can recover all of them!
  • Banned: is someone really pissing you off? Ban this user and all conversations will be placed in this folder.


3 – Use the filters to select between musicians, promoters and venues.

Customizing your mix between classics sorting features and advanced filters will let you reach your goal even quicker!

4 – Sort your message and find what you need choosing between:

  • date
  • username
  • category
  • fee
  • rating
  • distance.

5 – Select a message from the left column to open it. Then you can:

  • type your answer and click the arrow to send it;
  • use the different options on the top right of the page to and set a message as important, set a message as unread, ban a user (and not receive anymore messages from him/her) or move the message to the trash.